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What is 3ICE and how do you bet on this league?
Apr 27, 2022, 5:24:00 AM

What is 3ICE and how do you bet on this league?

Hockey’s newest league 3ICE is up and coming. To have a three on three league is not unprecedented in sports. For instance, basketball is a popular sport for three on three matchups because not everyone gets to play basketball all the time and there may only be a few players who’ll get to suit up on the court. 

Just like basketball, ice hockey has an amazing three on three league called 3ICE that is incredibly fun to watch, especially when the games get too close and a single puck is all the team needs to win the game. 

However, what is 3ICE exactly and why should you pay more attention to it now that it’s beginning to gain traction from ice hockey fans all over the world. Here’s everything you need to know about the 3ICE hockey league and a quick guide to its betting scene. 

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What is 3ICE? 

What is the 3ICE hockey league? 3ICE is a three on three hockey league. The organisation is building its brand with hall of fame coaches like Bryan Trottier, Guy Carbonneau, and John LeClair. 

3ICE hockey also has hall of fame ice hockey players who are considered all-time greats who became managers for the league. 3ICE is surely an interesting twist that makes hockey all the more enjoyable for anyone. 

Short introduction to ice hockey

Hockey is believed to date back from the earliest days of civilization. The Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Arabs each had a hand in revolutionising the sport to how it is perceived today. 

Also, each has its own version of ice hockey that has certainly been retained throughout the years and are still the customs used today. It wasn’t until the 19th century when hockey got exposed to the west which then led to its insurgency in North America where the sport is the most popular. 

The usual composition is five forwards, three halfbacks, two fullbacks, and one goalkeeper. In the 3ICE hockey league, this is obviously reduced to only three players.

There are only two halves for the whole game which is a standard for most sports, and each half is 35-minutes long. There is an intermission between the halves that take around 10-15 minutes. 

To win, the team must score the most points by the end of the game. Instead of a ball, hockey players need to push a puck using hockey sticks into the goal. Hockey players also need to wear blades to move around the rink.

How 3ICE started 

In 2021, veterans Eddie and E.J. Johnston created a new hockey league called 3ICE The league was established to introduce a new way of playing hockey. 

On top of the three on three style of play, the league also comprises six 3ICE hockey teams that are based in North America. There have also been great signings from different hockey leagues that make the 3ICE even more interesting to watch and bet on. 

Bitcasino partnership with the league

On February 15, 2022, 3ICE partnered with the best Bitcoin casino in the world, Bitcasino, and is looking forward to seeing more fans watching, especially players and punters who have already signed up to Bitcasino’s site. 

Bitcasino has an array of casino games that allow players to bet with crypto. As the crypto market grows to become one of the first options when buying and betting, 3ICE will surge into something special, especially for hockey fans. 

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How to read hockey odds

The odds are the first aspects in betting that you need to check out. The reason for this is because the odds are the determining factor of the likelihood of each team winning a game. For a beginner, these are just numbers, but when you get to understand what they mean, you’ll have a huge advantage before wagering on any team in the 3ICE hockey league. 

Decimal odds 

The decimal odds are among the simplest types of odds because they already give you both the payouts and can determine who the favourites are at first glance. 

To know how much you’ll win by the end of the match, multiply the amount you wagered on a team with the odds designated to it. For instance, if the odds are at 1.05 and you wagered $100, you’ll win $105 dollars. 

American odds

It is common in the United States for odds to be based on $100, even if you don't have to actually spend $100 to win or lose. There is a sliding scale based on how much you wager. A negative (-) symbol will appear in front of the odds on favourites, indicating the amount of money you must stake to win $100.

To get the '+' odds, multiply the bet amount by the odds then divide by 100. You can figure out how much you'll get for a $50 wager on a team that has an odds of +115, you need to divide 115/100 by $50.

This way, you’ll get a payout of $57.50 where if you add your original bet, totals $107.50. 

How it can help you win your bets 

The odds are among the most crucial aspects in sports betting, not just in 3ICE. Bookmakers have a unique way of designating the odds to each team on every single match. 

Aside from learning about how payouts work, the odds make it easier for punters to monitor the game without actually having to watch each play out live.

Also, knowing the odds means understanding how dynamic they can be. One injury or in-play events can drastically change the way the odds present themselves in any occasion. Therefore, if you know this for a fact, you won’t blindly wager on the teams, no matter how great the odds are in the early stages of a season. 

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Hockey betting markets you need to know

Aside from the odds, you also need to understand the different markets so that you can have a multitude of ways to bet on your favourite 3ICE hockey teams. Here are some that you should pay close attention and why they are regarded as some of the most profitable in the industry: 

Winner (incl. overtime and penalties) 

Betting on the winner is one of the most straightforward bets you can find in hockey, especially in the 3ICE hockey league. Betting on the winner is as simple as predicting which team you think will win the game. 

When the team wins the match and you wagered on them before it actually began, you get the corresponding payouts in line with the odds the bookmakers designated on each team. 

Asian total 

As with over/under betting, Asian handicap total goals betting (sometimes known as 'Asian Total') is a type of market where punters wager on goals. 

If you lose half of your stake or win half of your wins, you get more for your money with Asian Total: Earn 50% of your wager back or 50% of your profits, respectively.

Handicap 1:0 

Handicap betting (1:0) is a market where one team is provided with one goal to start before the match has even begun. The stake is then refunded if the favourite wins the game by a difference of one goal. 

1x2 & Total

In hockey where a draw is possible, 1x2 bets are very popular and easy to place. A home victory is denoted by a 1, a tie is indicated by an x, and an away victory is denoted by a 2. 

In contrast to Asian handicaps or totals, 1x2 wagers do not aim to equalise perceived differences in the strength of the teams and players.

Top coaches of 3ICE hockey

Not only do players succeed because of their inherent talent and ability, but they also do so as a result of receiving excellent coaching from mentors who push them for their own development. 

It's safe to say that now that these coaches are part of the 3ICE league, the games will be much more exciting and well worth your money.

In the 3ICE hockey league, several of the coaches you'll encounter are as follows:

John LeClair 

Known for becoming the first American-born player to achieve 50 goals in three straight NHL seasons, John LeClair is also a hockey legend. In addition, he is also the president of the John LeClair Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to funding sponsorship programmes for underprivileged children.

The Montreal Canadiens, Philadelphia Flyers, and Pittsburgh Penguins were all part of John LeClair's NHL career. When he was playing with the Flyers in Philadelphia, he made history by being the first American-born player to record 50 goals in three consecutive NHL seasons. 

He went on to win the Stanley Cup with the Montreal Canadiens in 1993. Executive director of the John LeClair Foundation, LeClair is responsible for awarding grants to non-profit organisations in Vermont whose mission is to help kids.

Guy Carbonneau 

Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Guy Carbonneau was inducted in 2019. His ice hockey career spanned over two decades, ending in 2000 with his retirement. 

Carbonneau was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2019 after winning the Frank J. Selke Trophy and the Stanley Cup three times respectively during his NHL career. His ice hockey career began with the Chicoutimi Saguenéens of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. 

Having tallied 182 points with the Saguenéens in 1978-79, the Montreal Canadiens picked Carbonneau with the 44th overall pick in the NHL Entry Draft the same year. Towards the end of the 1999-2000 season, Carbonneau declared his retirement from the game of hockey.

Joe Mullen 

As a professional ice hockey player, Joe Mullen racked up more than 1,000 points and 500 goals in his career. As a professional ice hockey player, he also won the Stanley Cup with two separate clubs. 

During his 16 seasons in the NHL, Joe Mullen became the first American player to score 500 goals and amass 1,000 points, and he was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2000. 

With the Calgary Flames in 1989 and Pittsburgh in 1992, the undrafted right-winger was a part of a Stanley Cup-winning club on two separate occasions. Three Canada Cup tournaments saw Mullen play for the United States National Team on several occasions.

Grant Fuhr

Some of Grant Fuhr’s accomplishments include having the most career points by a goalkeeper, having the most assists in a season, and playing the most games ever. In 2003, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and entered into the first class of his class.

Grant Fuhr spent a decade in Edmonton, where he won five Stanley Cups and six All-Star Game appearances. When the NHL celebrated its centennial season three years ago, he was inducted as a member of its Hall of Fame and recognised as one of its 100 All-Time Greatest Players. 

He also has the most career points by a goalkeeper (61), the most assists in a season (14), and the most games played in a season (15). The Vezina Trophy winner boasts numerous more records (79) and is among the finest goaltenders in NHL history, according to Wayne Gretzky.

Larry Murphy 

For the decade of the 1990s, only Larry Murphy was able to win four Stanley Cups, two of which he won with the Penguins in back-to-back games in 1991 and 1992. In 2004, he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame for his contributions to the sport.

A total of four Stanley Cups were won by Larry Murphy between 1991 and 1998, the first two coming with the Pittsburgh Penguins after a back-to-back with the Detroit Red Wings. 

He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2004 after being named the NHL's sixth all-time leading scorer on defence with 1,216 points. On Fox Sports Detroit, Murphy works as a studio commentator for the Detroit Red Wings.

Bryan Trottier

New York Islanders' Bryan Trottier is a seven-time Stanley Cup Champion, winning four with the Islanders and two with Pittsburgh, as well as one as an assistant head coach for the Colorado Avalanche. 

Trottier became the head coach of the New York Rangers in 2002. 2017 saw him join Fuhr as one of the 100 greatest NHL players ever, and he has only missed the playoffs once in his 18 seasons in the league.

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Why should you start betting on 3ICE games?

Are you starting to warm up to this incredible hockey league? Here are a few more reasons why you should jump into the fun and start betting on the best teams in the 3ICE hockey league! 

It’s a new and exciting league 

Any new league is exciting for existing and new fans alike. 3ICE being a more intimate game because of fewer players also adds to the value and overall hype of the league. 

As it is still leaning towards becoming a prominent hockey league as of this time of writing, the potential of it becoming more successful is predicated on the young players who get better as years and seasons pass by. 

Potential for a new way to play hockey

Hockey has always been a sport with a lot of players that move according to the offensive and defensive schemes the coach came up with. While the same applies to 3ICE, the fewer players create a whole new dynamic to the sport that has never been explored before. 

While the mechanics are still intact, how the game will look and the offence to play out will be different to typical hockey. 

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Now that you know everything about 3ICE and its betting scene, it’s time to get started placing your wagers on the best 3ICE hockey teams! Are you still questioning if can you bet on 3ICE or not? Don’t! Start placing your bets and win big during the games. 

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