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How to get the best winnings in the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Apr 29, 2022, 4:19:00 AM

How to get the best winnings in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Stanley Cup Playoffs is the closing part of an NHL season which determines the champion. It is one of the biggest events in sports that caters a lot of fans all over the world. On top of that, it is also a huge market for a lot of punters to bet on as well.

The NHL is the only league that calls its playoff games by the name of its championship trophy. It has been a long tradition that came out long before the NHL even began. The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in all American sports, which is another big reason why betting is on the rise as well.

Punters are always keen to get a lot of winning chances in this tournament. Stanley Cup betting has been a common delight for fans in the past few years, and no one can deny the fact that it has been a rewarding market as well.

The Stanley Cup brings a lot of glory to any team who will lift the trophy. It is a huge part of the game is loved by hockey punters. That is what makes the Stanley Cup fun to watch.

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How does the Stanley Cup Playoffs work?

If you ask 'how does the Stanley Cup Playoffs work?', you should start learning about the team/s that you should bet on and when you should place your wagers. The games in this series are played on a best of seven series to determine the league champion who will lift the Stanley Cup. 

Eight qualifying teams are set to join in the tourney and will be placed against each other based on their point totals from the regular season. There are four rounds to be played for each matchup with a best of seven games per series. This will set the stage for the final and bring the last two standing teams from each conference for one last series for the league title.

The top three divisional qualifiers and a wild card team will be placed on the lower seeds of the brackets. This means that the best team in the league may be pitted against a team with the lowest record among other qualifying teams in the playoffs.

Stanley Cup betting odds are easy to predict at some point since the winners of the top seeds will no longer play the lowest remaining seed if that team is eliminated. The winners of the First Round will push for the Second Round, Conference Finals and then the Stanley Cup Final itself.

Games are also played on a 2-2-1-1-1 format, which means that the team with a home advantage (determined by a winning record in the season over the opposing team) will have a much better chance of winning than the other. The team with the home ice advantage will host games one, two, five and seven, while the other team hosts games three, four and six. 

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Betting markets to use in the Stanley Cup Playoffs allows you to enjoy a lot of ways on how to bet on the Stanley Cup. This is a chance for you to get a lot of winnings. Just like any other league playoffs, the Stanley Cup has a lot of betting types and markets to choose from. You would never run out of options since we have a lot to offer for you, and the more markets you bet on, the more chances of winning as well.

Here are the betting markets you should try in the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

    1. Point spread

The Stanley Cup betting line is more of a challenge to bet on, so the best wager you can come up with is the point spread. This is focused more on how a team can reach a certain mark and win the game by more points (for underdogs) or less (for favourites). 

The spread used to balance the payouts plays a huge role in the wager, so you may need to play it smart and consider how the two teams will actually play since a small shift in the game will affect the odds. That means your chances of winning will be hampered in a big way.

    2. Game totals

The easiest way to bet and win in any Stanley Cup bet is to wager on the game totals. Ice hockey is a low-scoring game and usually has five to seven goals combined for two teams. Bookies will set a line where you can bet, and all you have to do is to wager a number that would be the combined total of the score for two teams.

You can also opt to go for an over/under bet at the same time, which will also give you more winnings. The odds change from time to time, especially for the Stanley Cup Final odds. That is why there is always more to expect on this wager since there is always a strong winning chance.

    3. Split bets

Split bets are more of a one-roll wager placed on the whole line or an area between two prop bets. For this wager, you only need to place a wager on both ends with a half of your wager being rolled into the other side. This means that both bets will be left with a net payoff at the end of the game.

This bet is more of a situational wager since you can always opt out not to bet on this one if you want to invest on a much bigger bet. This can come in handy if you feel that the two playing teams are evenly matched.

    4. Moneyline bets

Moneyline betting is more of a starter wager in the NHL. Each game is given a set of odds for two teams before the game begins, and all you have to do is to determine if a team will win, lose or the game will end in a draw. For the Stanley Cup Playoffs, there will always be a winner since the games will lead to a shoot out if it isn’t concluded after the extra frame.

As one of the simplest bets, most moneyline wagers are usually used by newbies. That says a lot about winning big wagers in this market as you can always get more chances for every game played in the playoffs.

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Tips and tricks in betting on the Stanley Cup Playoffs

A lot of NHL punters are taking their time when it comes to betting since they will have to find a way to score winnings without losing too much. The Stanley Cup is a much bigger stage, and that means you may need to take extra caution and make sure you consider a lot of factors before betting.

Here are some of the Stanley Cup betting tips and tricks in betting on the Playoffs:

    1. Learn how the Stanley Cup betting line works

If you are having a hard time learning how to bet on Stanley Cup winner per game, then you should get started in learning how the betting line works. The playoffs are an unforgiving area, and there are times when betting sites will offer odds close between two teams. 

This only means that you should consider betting on that game while also watching it live rather than going for advance wagers since no one can predict how the events will unfold until it begins.

    2. Research about the best team in the league

The best teams in the league always have a higher chance of winning. This is why it is always important to know how they are playing well at a given time and how well they finished their season games. Betting on the best team offers a much bigger chance of winning than the underdog since they can actually pull off wins at a better rate.

Winning teams have always thrived in the Stanley Cup, and there is always more reason to expect that they can go all the way into the final.

    3. Consider the past playoffs

The previous Stanley Cup will always be a guide for you to see which teams have a better chance at the season. These teams take time to improve their rosters and even trade players just to get a bigger shot at the league title. 

For instance, the NHL Stanley Cup winner odds vary from time to time especially with those factors considered. It is more of being able to predict if a team will come back as another contender for the title.

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Teams to bet on in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Stanley Cup Playoffs is an intense avenue for betting, and you can be sure that there are always rising teams who want to get a chance at the league title. That is why there is so much to expect from NHL teams to get a chance at the bigger spotlight.

Here are some of the best teams to bet on in the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

    1. Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay has been one of the best teams in the league that has been slowly rising in the number of playoff appearances and has been winning in the past few years. Under Victor Hedman’s lead, the squad has seen bigger heights as one of the well-rounded teams in the league.

Most of the players in the team are seen as homegrown talents, and they have been great at pulling off big wins in the 2020s. That sustained dominance for the Bolts made them one of the favourites in the league to win in the playoffs.

    2. Minnesota Wild

Years of struggles have shaped the Wild’s hopes of winning in the playoffs. The team finally found a way to get more wins from their squad, and that came in without the need to make trades as well. That means a lot for their push to get a shot at the league title.

So far, the new rotation for the team has worked wonders especially with Marc-Andre Fleury on the goalpost. The management has done a great job to keep the best assets of their team. It has led to a bigger chemistry and stronger team value so far.

    3. Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers are known to be the favourites in every playoff season since the two-MVP era began for the team. They have been hyped to get the wins over the years, but the tough losses have them on the edge and desperate to shake off their playoff drought as of the time of writing.

The Oilers are yet to score that league title since the 1989-90 season, but they do have the means to bring that drought to an end and bring the thunder once more. After all, the Oilers are known for their ‘success-first’ mentality, so one can expect them to play at the highest level in the playoffs.

    4. Carolina Hurricanes

The Canes are known to be one of the best teams in the league since the 2000s. Defence has been a known focus for the team, and that has been rewarding for them so far. That says a lot about the way they thrived in their recent runs, and every playoff run has been fun to watch.

Carolina has made a lot of changes in their management over the years, and this further proves the fact that they deserve a better chance at the league title as well. 

Frequently asked questions about the Stanley Cup Playoffs 

Betting on the Stanley Cup Playoffs can be challenging and you can expect that there is a chance you might even lose if you fail to make the right call in your bets. Your chances of winning your Stanley Cup bets depend on how well you have prepared for it.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

    1. Can you make profit by betting on the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs is the biggest stage of the NHL, and this means you can actually make a lot of profit if you score wins in your wagers. Research is the best key to winning since it plays a huge role in what your wagers will be by the time you will bet on a given team.

People can always get the best wins they are hoping for if they check out a few factors that define a winning team in the Stanley Cup, such as roster changes, winning plays, coach’s tactics and so on.

    2. Should you try betting on underdogs?

Betting on the underdogs is not much of a challenge since this is the Stanley Cup Playoffs we are talking about. The playoffs are home to a lot of upsets which is already expected for most games. This is why there is always a strong chance of winning in betting on underdogs.

Unlike other sports leagues, the NHL can be unpredictable where even the lowly teams in the league can pull off a comeback. That frequency is much bigger in the Stanley Cup since all of the teams in the fray are considered as elite squads.

    3. Do favourites win the title most of the time?

Stanley Cup winners vary from time to time. Not every top seed ended up winning the league title at the end of the day. Some teams with a lower seed have pulled off upsets and have changed the trend by winning the Stanley Cup.

Stat wise, favourites have a much bigger chance of winning the league title. However, the actual game would lead to a mixed result which is hard to predict as well. Even if a team has a great record for most of the season, it still does not translate to a guaranteed title win.

Maximise your wins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Stanley Cup Playoffs is a great chance for you to make the most of your wagers while supporting your favourite team. helps you get a chance to win in the tourney, and that should give you a fun betting experience to remember.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

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