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Jeff Petry needs to step up
Nov 30, 2021, 4:25:00 AM

Jeff Petry needs to step up

The Montreal Canadiens were one of the best teams in the league in the past and have struggled to get the big wins they needed in the 2021-22 season. Jeff Petry is one of those players who have failed to get a good groove for the season.

There is a lot of mess in the Canadiens’ drawing board this season, and that is more than one could ever talk about. Jeff’s games are one of those big problems that the team has to deal with as they try to tweak their roster and find ways to win.

For starters, Petry just had two assists in his games so far. That is not a good look for a player that has been productive in his past runs as he continues to struggle at every turn. His skill in reading the play in both the defensive and offensive end was no longer there and he looked lost on the ice.

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It just seems that Petry is not in good form this season at all. The star had a total of 12 goals and 30 dimes for the Canadiens in a shortened run. He played a huge role in the team’s run to the Stanley Cup Final where they lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Petry was better than at least most defenders he faced in his games. He played a solid game and was a two-way threat for the Canadiens. That says a lot about his games as he continues to find his lost form that could have been a huge factor for the team’s success this season alone.

Shea Weber was a force of nature last year and he helped eat up some of those bigger minutes. He was the star that the Canadiens can rely on when they need him the most which says a lot about the way that the team works to get the best wins they had back then.

Petry still has a lot of games to play in the 2021-22 season. This means he can still shake off his struggles and somehow find a way to win games for the team.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA