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Kaprizov, Wild set for a new deal
Jul 6, 2021, 4:44:00 AM

Kaprizov, Wild set for a new deal

Kirill Kaprizov and the Minnesota Wild are in the works for a new deal as the team hopes to see the star rise as one of the team’s best players in the years to come. The former KHL star has a lot to offer his team and this is why they are keen to ink a deal with him.

While the Wild lost in their playoff run - a seven-game run with the Vegas Golden Knights, the team still has a lot of positives to look forward to now that they have seen what Kirill can do for the team. It sure does look like they have found their next ace star in the making.

Kirill has also won the Calder Trophy as the rookie of the year for the 2021 season. He is set to be a free agent on July 28 - and the Wild wants to close him out before other teams can get to him. Having the ROY out there in the market is a huge loss for the team at this point.

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GM Bill Guerin believes that Kirill is a huge win for them and so keeping him on the roster is their biggest priority for now. That means that they will be keen to give all they got to make sure that he stays in the long run. The team wants a long-term deal, but the rookie is said to be eager for a shorter one.

‘I'm confident in that’, Guerin said. ‘I'm confident in Kaprizov and his wanting to be here and his willingness to play in Minnesota. It's not just them not wanting to take what we're offering, it's us, too, and we have to see it that way. It takes two sides to make a deal, and it just could take a little bit longer’.

Kirill led all rookies in goals with 27, points with 51 and power-play goals with eight. He also had 157 shots on goal in 55 games with the Wild. He has seen 18:18 of ice time per game and has shot at 17.2 percent. 

The Wild will have to do all they can to make sure they get Kirill to sign a new deal with them.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA