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Nov 29, 2019, 12:51:00 PM

Latest NHL news

The NHL is getting close to the home stretch of the regular season now. We are well into the season and things are starting to take shape.

In the Eastern Conference, there are three teams starting to pull away from the pack. The Boston Bruins, the Washington Capitals and the New York Islanders are all starting to move further from the chasing teams in their respective divisions. In the Western Conference, things are much tighter. There are six teams all with a very similar number of wins. This makes it much harder to call in relation to how things are going to end.

With that being said, there is still a lot of news coming up all the time in relation to the NHL. We have taken a look over the most interesting news items that have come up recently to deliver to you.


The Boston Bruins re-sign two players

The Bruins have signed two of their most experienced players to new deals this past week. The first is Charlie Coyle. At 27, he is just coming into his prime and so the Bruins have signed him to a six-year deal. This will see him pick up a salary of over $5m per year. Coyle has been an integral part of the Bruins’ secondary forward line this season, helping them to storm to the top of the Atlantic Division. This has made him an important part of the Bruins squad.

While there is a small risk associated with signing Coyle to such a long-term deal, the Bruins feel that it is important that he is able to play his prime years with them. This deal will allow them to tie him down during this period, which was important as he was due to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season.

Chris Wagner is a much less risky option for the Bruins. At 28, he is only a year older than Coyle, but the Bruins have taken the decision to sign him to a three-year deal. This will ensure that he also sees his prime years with Boston. The salary on offer for Wagner is much more reasonable, coming in at just under $1.5m a year. He has been an effective bottom-tier option for the Bruins, managing to score in double figures in terms of points delivered last season. This ensures that the Bruins have good roster depth and will be able to continue competing at a high level over the course of the hectic NHL season 

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The Golden Knights hang Zykov out to dry

Valentin Zykov has recently served a 20-game suspension for using PEDs. As has been expected, the Vegas Golden Knights have instantly placed Zykov on waivers. This is a move that many saw coming after the statement that the Knights released after Zykov was initially found guilty. The Knights straight away placed the blame on Zykov for the substance use. There are a lot of rumours around the reason behind this, but no-one knows the exact reason why

This is massively different from the stance that the Knights took after Nate Schmidt was banned in a similar incident last year. They supported him after his suspension, where they have hung Zykov out to dry. It is surprising because Zykov is not exactly a poor performer for the Knights. He has 15 points this season, despite his 20-game suspension. At the age of 24, Zykov has his best years ahead of him. This could be seen as a huge risk by the Knights to let go of potentially a top-level player.

However, just because they have put him on waivers, it does not mean that the Knights and Zykov are finished. As is the case with sports across the board, there is always a way back, especially when money is involved. The Knights and Zykov could mend their issues, but at this moment in time, it does look like it is far away from happening. Zykov has remained quiet on the subject. If he wants to make his way back into the side, then this is the best course of action as a public outburst might just drive a wedge between player and team.


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Keeping up to date with the NHL this season

The NHL has been electric this season. The divisions within each conference are quite tight at the top, though there are a few teams starting to pull away from the pack. No matter who you support, you cannot deny that it has been great to watch.

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Words: Stijn Janssen

Images: PA