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Ice hockey 101: NHL betting tips and tricks
Mar 29, 2022, 6:22:00 AM

Ice hockey 101: NHL betting tips and tricks

The National Hockey League (NHL) stands tall as the prime ice hockey league in both the United States and the world. Punters are always keen to watch these games and make the most of their wagers with each betting market.

Ice hockey is one of the most exciting sports to watch. Fans take their chance to bet on their favourite teams and players to enhance their viewing experience. The chance of getting extra winnings is hard to resist, and it is clearly a great option for every punter out there.

Since sports betting can be done online, this just means that bettors now have an easier time in making their picks. Most ice hockey leagues can be found on online betting sites, with the NHL betting being the most prominent competition of the pack. If you want to bet on this league, provides you NHL betting tips.

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Betting types in the NHL

Just like any other sport, the NHL has the betting types and markets. Any experienced punter would have an idea how the bets work and what markets to choose. Betting is made easy for punters nowadays thanks to faster transactions and the fact that it is available online. On top of that, punters can enjoy a lot of betting options since NHL betting systems can be rewarding for a lot of people.

Here are some of the ways you can bet on NHL games:

    1. Moneyline bets in the NHL is a good start to begin betting on the league. Each match has a set of odds for teams that show the chances of winning in a game. These teams are identified as either the favourite or the underdog. These are always more about the outcome of the game as a whole and it does not consider the spread.

Betting on games straight up might be a challenge but then it means that you have faith in your team to win that given game. However, there is no way that the favourite will win all the time, so it is a must to diversify your bets as well.

    2. Point spread is just the same with moneyline bets, but this one is more focused on how a team can reach a certain mark or win the game by more (for underdogs) or less (favourites) points, which was used to balance the payouts.

A team may either win or lose in a snap if they either hit the cap of the handicap set prior to the game or win by less to cover the spread. This is also known as the NHL puck line betting and it works because bettors play at an equal level even if they’re betting on an overwhelming favourite up against a feisty underdog.

    3. Betting on game totals are more of the total goals covered by both teams in a match. Bookies set a line that punters can bet on, whether the total will be over or under the line. The wagers will always depend on the odds since they change it a lot depending on the playing teams.

If this is a game between top scoring teams, it is easy to say that there will be more chances for a line to be higher since they nail a knack of goals in a given match, making it easy to bet on this market. Knowledge of the NHL over under betting system can also be a good help at most.

    4. Split bets a​​re made as a one-roll wager placed on the line or an area between two prop bets. The half of the split bet is being wagered on the other side, and this means both bets will be left up with a net payoff made to the player at the end of the game.

NHL betting splits are usually easy to use especially if you are betting on two lowly teams and you are unable to define which team is the one more likely to win. This is a safe bet that most newbies consider in NHL betting.

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Top betting questions in the NHL 

Betting on NHL games can turn out to be rewarding at most, especially if you have read an NHL betting guide. That depends on how well you make your wagers and what you know about them as a whole. Betting is never easy, and you may need to put some money on the line if you want to get the big wins you need.

For starters, every NHL betting odds may work differently at a given game day since they change from time to time. It is a must for you to always check them to make the right call in betting on either the favourite or the underdog to win.

Here are some of the top betting questions in the NHL:

    1. How often do hockey favourites win?

Hockey favourites are seen as the leading teams in the league. They have a better record than their opponent and even have healthy records with their star players gunning in that game as well. This means that they are better than the underdog - stat wise. 

However, there is no consistent trend for each team when it comes to the frequency of winning for favourites. There are times that they win, but it does not guarantee a 100% betting win for punters since upsets may also happen at the same time.

    2. Is it better to bet on underdogs?

The NHL underdog betting system may sound new to a lot of punters since it is rare for underdog teams to pull off a win. Unlike the NBA, the NHL features more lopsided wins than usual. It is rare for the NHL to show with a tight game, and these mostly take place during the playoffs.

If it is all about winning, then it is always better to take a look at the game first and make sure that the teams playing are not far from each other in the league table. The closer team records are, the better it is since you can put more effort into betting on underdogs as they have a chance to beat the favourites than most people think.

    3. How do you make money betting on hockey?

It is all about making the right bets and doing a lot of research. People can get the biggest wins in sports betting if they check out a few factors that define a winning team at a given time, such as momentum, roster changes, and etc.

This is why it is always important to know how NHL betting lines work. You must try to understand the odds and why it is important to ensure that you take a small peek at the odds. The more you know how teams are defined as favourites and underdogs, the better it is for your chances of winning.

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Top teams to bet on in the NHL

The NHL has a lot of teams to choose from. Winning teams have always left a mark in the league and they have made so much impact to the point that they are considered as consistent teams that have a chance to win the Stanley Cup every season.

Most of these teams have won league titles in the past few years or have made it to the playoffs as a lead contender. On top of that, they do have elite players that have experience in the Stanley Cup Final or playoffs. This is why it is enough to label the leading teams as favourites most of the time.

Here are the top teams to bet on in the NHL:

    1. Carolina Hurricanes 

Carolina Hurricanes have made some adjustments after a furious run in the 2021 season, and they made some key changes in the plays after rising to dominance. This says a lot about their chances of being new lead contenders for the Stanley Cup.

The Canes have proven their worth with a lot of wins especially against leading teams in the past run. Frederik Andersen’s shot blocking has improved a lot and showed he is on the verge of making life easy for his teammates, allowing them to focus on offence.

    2. Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers are yet to win a league title as of the time of writing, which means that the team is yet to come up with a deeper run as well. The hype of having two prime stars in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl is far from over, but they are running out of time to prove that they can win in the league as well.

For starters, the Oilers are clearly talented, and their struggles have always been about making it to the deeper stages of the playoffs. They just need to build a stronger chemistry and try to trust each other more than what they usually do. This is why it is a must for them to get more wins in the long run.

    3. Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning have found a lot of success with their farmed roster. Most of the players in the team are considered as homegrown talents, and the Victor Hedman era is just getting started with its sustained dominance.

Winning the 2020 title against the Dallas Stars and the 2021 title against the Montreal Canadiens was a huge feat, and that is just proof that the team is on the winning side over the years. That says a lot about the way they are going for more wins especially after discovering a rising talent in Andrei Vasilevskiy as well.

    4. Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild has been always going for a roll in the past few runs especially with Kirill Kaprizov clicking well for the team. He is bound to become a new all-star for the team, and he is clearly the face of the squad en route to a new era.

After many years of struggles, the Wild has finally found a way to get more wins off their squad - without the need to make trades as well. This only proves that the new rotation has worked well for the squad in terms of chemistry and overall team value.

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Tips to consider in winning big bets

Most NHL punters should be cautious if they hope to get more winnings without wasting their money. NHL games are all different in their own way, and most of the time, it all comes down to their luck and what they know about each team playing on a given day.

Those who are looking for an NHL betting strategy can find a few guides in a snap, but it is more about how people can trust their guts in making the right bet. 

Here are some tips that can help you win in NHL betting:

    1. Bet on the best team 

High-ranked teams are always considered favourites. Betting on the best team offers more chances of winning for punters since it can lead to an easy victory for favourites. This means there is always more to expect from each winning team, which is why it is a common decision for punters to choose them.

Moreover, most punters try to make use of the NHL betting bonuses they can get from certain sportsbooks, which means a sure win can double the prize money they will get. It puts them at a bigger advantage than most people think.

    2. Consider the NHL betting systems

NHL betting systems are all about giving punters an easier pattern in winning. These systems help bettors plan out their wagers and apply various strategies to get more wins. One of the best examples of this is the NHL rotation betting system, which means placing bets on a favourite on the first game of the day then betting on the underdog on the next one. 

There are many NHL betting systems out there, and bankroll management comes into play since you cannot use every strategy all at once. You may need to consider if you are going for an aggressive or chill betting stance since money is on the line for this one.

    3. Learn how betting lines work

NHL betting lines can be tricky sometimes, especially if it is in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. There are times when the league may offer some close odds between two teams, which means it may be best to consider betting on that game live rather than to go for advanced wagers.

Betting on the favourite means that your wager will only be won if that team wins with a margin of victory greater than the point spread. Betting on the underdog, on the other hand, means that it will win if the team takes the victory on the game but will not exceed the point spread. is home to some of the best betting odds in NHL games. This is a chance for you to ensure that you make the most of your betting experience. You have to learn the best tips and tricks out there and place your wagers with us.

What are you waiting for? It is time to start betting and enjoy the fastest sport in the world. Make time to enjoy the best betting markets that we have to offer for NHL games and other sports. Get big wins only here at

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