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Top NHL teams to win the 2022 season
Dec 3, 2021, 6:28:00 AM

Top NHL teams to win the 2022 season

The NHL’s 2021-22 season is going for a ride with many teams trying their best to get the best finish in the season. The NHL’s league trophy has been eyed by a lot of teams. They want to show the world why they deserve to win the Stanley Cup. 

The Tampa Bay Lightning showed the world what it takes to win a league title in the 2021 season. The back to back champs have set the bar for a possible dynasty, and fans expect them to keep the fire going.

Teams are starting to be vocal in their games and most of them hope to beat the odds and win the league title. That proves the intensity of the league’s title race and how it is going to bring a lot of hype. This proves how much success the NHL had over the years as one of the top leagues in the United States. 

As the race to the Stanley Cup continues, fans can hope to see the best action in the coming games. Here are the top teams that have a big shot in the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs:

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Tampa Bay Lightning

The Bolts clearly have nothing but grit when it comes to their games. The Victor Hedman era is a huge win so far and they did a great job to show the world what it takes to win more than once. The team has been a beast in the past two years, and that shows a lot about their grit in their games.

Tampa Bay is pressured to keep on winning not because they have to beat the rest of the NHL teams. They want to bring more success to Tampa Bay as a whole. NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers are gunning for a league title which is why the Bolts want to bring pride to the city.

The past run was magical for the Bolts. The team did a great job to close out the Montreal Canadiens in five games and it was an easy one compared to their 2020 battle against the Dallas Stars. On top of that, it was the feat of making it back to the Stanley Cup for the second time in a row that gave them a lot of hope.

There is no doubt that the defending champs will surely return in the Stanley Cup Final. They are chasing their third title in a row, and no one can stop a team that is inspired to win after going for two straight title wins.

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Edmonton Oilers

All talent and no success - that has been the brand for the Oilers in the past few years. It was the individual feats of Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl that lifted the team to its greatness, but over the years, they are yet to get a closer shot at the league title.

The frustration of not winning the Stanley Cup Final or even making it there has made them desperate. The team longs for a shot at the title and they want to prove their worth as a contender as well. After all, having two of the best teams in the league means nothing if they can’t win a league title in the end. 

The Oilers have been on the prowl over the years. They made it to the playoffs only to get taken out in the first round in 2021. Others have seen them as a seasonal team that can only win a series if their two stars play at the top level.

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Carolina Hurricanes

The Canes were one of the best teams of the 2021 season that fell short in the middle of the playoffs. The team had to deal with a lot of tweaks in the offseason and they landed a few key talents to make it clear that they are gunning for the league title.

After a 36-12-8 finish in 2021, the Canes were desperate to get a deep push in the playoffs, and they wanted to make sure that the team would get a chance at winning the league title once more. After all, it has been years since they got a playoff groove and fans can expect that they are going to do whatever it takes to win.

The Canes are here to thrive and try to win again. After all, falling short in the playoffs is not bad for a team that topped off the Central Division. It is a show of a strong promise that they want to make history in the NHL.

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Minnesota Wild

The Wild has been on a roll to start off the 2021-22 season. The team is on the prowl and they have done a great job to maximise their roster so far. The lineups changed as well and Kirill Kaprizov is starting to show some sparks of his great game. That means a lot for their hopes in the season as the team tries to shake off years of poor runs.

After a dismal run in 2021, the Wild has shown the rest of the league why they are here to make the best of their chances so far. No one can deny the fact that the team is alive and are gunning for a big chance to make it to the title finish.

If the Wild can continue to shock the league, there is no denying that they can keep on winning all the way to the Stanley Cup Final as well.

The 2021-22 season is a bigger battle for many teams in the league, and fans can expect a lot of intense battles in the long run. Who knows, fans may be in for a delight in the playoffs with a lot of big games ahead.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA