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Top players to watch out for in the 3ICE inaugural season?
Jun 29, 2022, 6:35:00 AM

Top players to watch out for in the 3ICE inaugural season?

3ICE makes a lot of noise in the sports world and fans expect a bigger action that no other league has offered. This unique ice hockey league brings a new hype that has never been seen before with a lot of elite players set to take centre stage in the game.

There have been a lot of 3x3 leagues on different sports over the years, but 3ICE is the first to come up with an idea to use it on ice hockey as a new professional hockey league. Now it is seen as one of the best competitions that will attract a huge following in the next few years.

3ICE hockey did a great job to bring in some of the Hall of Fame icons in the sport as managers for some teams. This is why fans can say that the league is a promising twist for the sport and is going to be one of the intense competitions to look out for.

With the league being anticipated as the next level of play for ice hockey, it is safe to say that the top players will enjoy a huge spotlight that can bring their careers alive and popular once more in the coming 3ICE season.

Here are the top players who will play in the 3ICE inaugural season:

Mike Lundin

Mike Lundin is one of the famous hockey players who are taking their talents into 3ICE. He has played for a total of seven teams in his career but never had much success due to injuries. That kept him from playing his best hockey as a defender who also has a knack for scoring the puck.

Perhaps the best stint of his career was with Barys Astana in the 2014-15 season of the Kontinental Hockey League. Mike Lundin enjoyed the best of his hockey games as he finished the season with 39 points coming off 33 assists and six goals in 60 games. He even played seven games in the playoffs that time but did not have much luck. Lundin is now set to play for Team Fuhr under coach Grant Fuhr.

Mike Lundin career stats

Experts define Mike Lundin hockey play style as a defensive-focused pacer who can also make a lot of clutch passes on the run. His NHL totals of 252 games played with 36 points on 32 assists and four goals is a good stat line for a player who only had six seasons with three teams.

Lundin finished his career with the KHL with 196 games played and was efficient there. He had 96 points coming off 74 assists and 22 goals, which means that the defender discovered the best of his game in the foreign hockey league.

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Jeff Taffe

Jeff Taffe is arguably one of the best talents to join 3ICE hockey mainly for his long experience in playing for the American Hockey League in Canada. He has played for 10 different hockey teams all over the world, which means that his veteran presence in the ice rink should be a valuable advantage for Team Fuhr as well.

Taffe was drafted by the St. Louis Blues in the 2000 NHL Draft with the 30th overall pick. He was traded to the Phoenix Coyotes and later played for the Springfield Falcons - the AHL affiliate of the team. He finished his first season with 20 games played and had three goals.

Jeff Taffe career stats

Jeff Taffe hockey stats can tell fans what they should expect from him in the first 3ICE season. Taffe finished his AHL career with a total of 681 games played and had 547 points off 224 goals and 323 assists. 

Taffe played 180 games in the NHL and did not reach the playoffs. He finished his run with 46 points coming off 21 goals and 25 assists, which is still a commendable stat line for a centre forward who did not have much minutes in the ice rink back then.

Chris Mueller

Chris Mueller was one of the hockey players in the NHL who went undrafted. He did get a chance to play for the Nashville Predators, Dallas Stars, and the New York Rangers in his career but did not see much exposure on the big stage, which was a huge blow to his high potential.

While his NHL career was not a stunning run, Chris Mueller enjoyed a time in playing for 10 different AHL teams. He played most of his games back in the 2011-12 and 2017-18 seasons for the Milwaukee Admirals and the Toronto Marlies with 73 each, respectively.

Chris Mueller career stats

Chris Mueller hockey games were more focused on making an overall impact on the rink rather than racking up stats. He finished his NHL career with just 53 games played, having 10 points off three goals and seven assists. He also played four games in the playoffs for the Dallas Stars but did not get much playing time.

His prime year was in 2012 where he made it into the AHL All-Star Game. After two years, Mueller went on to help the Texas Stars win the Calder Cup in 2014 and the Marlies in 2018. That is how he managed to make his hockey career worthwhile as an impact player.

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Bobby Farnham

Bobby Farnham is one of the decorated players who will play in 3ICE hockey. He started out as a scorer in his college years before he moved on to become one of the best unsung enforcers in NHL history. Despite being undrafted, Farnham made an impact on the defensive end and was hailed as a reliable player back in his prime.

The left winger played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, New Jersey Devils, and the Montreal Canadiens in his NHL run. He is also one of the famous hockey players who played in the Elite Ice Hockey League in the United Kingdom for the Belfast Giants.

Bobby Farnham career stats

With his few stints in the NHL, Farnham managed to rack up a total of 67 games in the NHL. The left winger only had 10 points off eight goals and two assists. He is also one of the few players to reach the 100-penalty mark in the league with 138, which was a proof of his defensive focus.

The best of Bobby Farnham hockey was seen in the 2019-20 season with the Giants in the EIHL. The left winger finished with 32 points coming off 17 assists and 15 goals in just 48 games, which served as a huge revival of his career.

TJ Hensick

TJ Hensick is known as one of the top stars in the AHL and has also made a good run in his NHL career. The centre played for the Colorado Avalanche and the St. Louis Blues. Despite being one of the smallest ice hockey players, Hensick showed the world that he has what it takes to step up and make an impact on the ice rink.

Hensick played only four seasons in the NHL, three for the Avalanche and one for the Blues. He did make the best of his run in the big league as he impressed well especially in his rookie season, which was a huge start for him. That led to a lot of playing minutes for Hensick in his first three runs in the NHL.

TJ Hensick career stats

The best of TJ Hensick hockey in the NHL was with the Avalanche in the 2008-09 season, where he played a total of 61 games and had 21 points off 17 assists and four goals. Hensick finished with a total of 112 games in the league and had 38 points from 26 assists and 12 goals.

Hensick was also a top icon in the AHL. The centre finished with four All-Star selections in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. This just means that Hensick brings a lot of star power to the table for John LeClair’s squad in 3ICE hockey.

Jayce Hawryluk

Jayce Hawryluk is one of the top hockey players to play in both the NHL and the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). The Canadian star plays the centre spot and has played for the Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, Vancouver Canucks in the NHL and the Skellefteå AIK in the SHL. Hawryluk was selected 32nd overall by the Panthers in the 2014 NHL Draft.

He also played for the Western Hockey League where he shined for the Brandon Wheat Kings and built up his draft stock from 2011 to 2014. Hawryluk was soon sent to the Springfield Thunderbirds in the AHL where he honed his game and proved that he can go up with the high rollers of ice hockey.

Jayce Hawryluk career stats

Jayce Hawryluk hockey games were filled with success both in the NHL and the SHL. He played a total of 98 games in the NHL and finished with 27 points coming off 15 assists and 12 goals. He was also a relevant star in the SHL, where he played 39 games and had 19 points to go along with 11 assists and eight goals.

Hawryluk also has a Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament gold medal that he won in 2013 and added an IIHF World U18 Championship bronze medal in 2014. Despite having no titles to his name, the centre remains a great player to watch in 3ICE hockey as he plays an excellent game on both ends of the ice rink.

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Betting markets to try on 3ICE hockey games

With competitive 3ICE games set to take on the big stage, it is easy to expect that there are also a lot of good betting markets to make use of. This is why it is going to be more fun to watch these elite players bring the best out of their games.

This is why you should see the best of each 3ICE hockey team, such as Team Fuhr, Team LeClair, and Team Carbonneau among others. Betting on 3ICE hockey games just got more fun with the best minds and talents of ice hockey joining the hype of the new league.

Here are the betting markets you can find in for 3ICE hockey betting:


Winner bets work all the same in any sport. All you need to do is to bet on a team that you think has a bigger chance at winning the game. The score is not much of a concern here - the team can win by any margin and the game can even finish in a shootout. All that matters is the actual result of the match, no more and no less.

This means you need to do a lot of research and invest on learning how these teams play. The game odds can be a huge help since this is one of the best ways to gauge a team’s chances of winning against their opponents. 


Handicap bets work well to even the odds in a given game between two unequally matched teams. This is one of the biggest challenges in betting on ice hockey games, and it can also work the same for 3ICE games. Betting on this market can be easy as long as you know which team has a higher potential for scoring.

Underdogs are given a head start in the game with an additional point. Favourites, on the other hand, are deducted by a point in accordance to the handicap set for the underdog. This means that the underdog team needs to win more than the handicap while the favourite needs to finish less than the set point.


1x2 bets are the most promising type of bets simply because they work well to cover two out of three possible game results. This is more of a play safe wager since you can pick two between win, loss or a draw as a result of the game. The idea of having two chances of winning in one bet is a huge plus, which is why this market is popular among many punters.

1x2 bets are the key to maximising winning chances. This is also a good choice for bettors to come up with a win in games where the result seems to be hard to predict. It can be a tight game between two top squads or a cold one where both teams are having a tough time to score. 

Game totals

Game totals are the best and easiest way to win in your 3ICE hockey betting. It is rare for most hockey games to have high scores, and with fewer players, the scores can even get smaller than usual. Bookies will set the line on where you can bet, and all you have to do is to guess the combined total goals for both teams, regardless of who wins or how it will finish.

One of the best combos for game totals is the over/under bet. This is used to guess if the score will go over or under a set point. The odds change from time to time, which means you can expect that game totals and a combo with over/under will yield you bigger winnings.

Split bets

Split bets are seen as a one-roll wager placed in a whole line or in an area between two prop bets. All you have to do is to bet on both ends with a half of your wager now rolled to the other side. This is to ensure that both of your bets will yield a payout at the end of the game.

This works as a situational wager that can be used by most punters since they have the option to opt out of the bet and go for higher stakes. Split bets are a good option most of the time when two playing teams are in a tight game and are evenly matched.

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Why should you place your wagers on 3ICE games?

3ICE hockey is one of the newest ice hockey leagues to come into play, and it is easy to expect that there will be a lot of hype surrounding it. Ice hockey games are intense and 3ICE is a new league that can bring excitement to punters and fans alike.

With a lot of famous ice hockey players joining in the hype, it means that the league will see a huge following in the long run especially with their timely rise in the hockey industry. The hype on ice hockey betting has been prominent among many punters, which is why 3ICE is a must-try as well.

Here are the reasons why you should bet on 3ICE games:

A whole new ice hockey action

3ICE is one of the new leagues that will come into play while having a different setup compared to the most popular competitions in the world. The idea of playing three on three is a unique concept that every fan is keen to watch.

With a lot of iconic players in the league, this will be an interesting competition that can be a good source of betting options as well. This means you can rack up the big wins if you play your cards well and make a right call on each game.

Make the most of your 3ICE betting experience at brings you a thrilling experience in betting on 3ICE hockey, which is why it is one of the best sites where you can enjoy racking up the big winnings you want. You can also enjoy certain price boosts and bet multipliers, which means a huge chance at winning. 

Crypto betting is also supported on this site, which means you can have a much smoother transaction and enjoy bigger chances with your bets on 3ICE games. With, you can be sure to have a fun, fast and fair betting experience.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

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