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Tourigny talks about the Coyotes' rebuild
Nov 26, 2021, 3:42:00 AM

Tourigny talks about the Coyotes' rebuild

Coach Andre Tourigny knew that it would never be easy to take over the Arizona Coyotes as a rookie coach in the NHL. The coach says that it is a big challenge for him but also knows that there is more to expect from the team.

The Coyotes were one of the worst teams in the NHL when it comes to scoring goals. They were said to be the tanking team of the league over the years, but Andre’s efforts are turning out to be for the best as they hope to keep on winning.

So far, the results are good for Arizona. Andre watches the players work hard and buy into what he was asking without any payoff for their effort with wins. That changed in the past few weeks when the team started to tally wins against some of the league’s mid-tier teams.

‘I really like the attitude of our guys’, Tourigny said. ‘They really work hard, and they show up to the rink every day with a smile and try to be better and they care for their teammates. So you want them to be rewarded for that’.

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The coach already accepted the demands early in the season when it came to the harsh reality of the league. He has been making the big moves from Ottawa of the Ontario Hockey League and is bringing the experience he had over the years.

He was an NHL assistant with the Colorado Avalanche from 2013 to 2015 and the Ottawa Senators for the 2015-16 season. Most of his coaching experience came in the juniors when he coached teams such as Rouyn-Noranda (2003-2012) and Halifax (2016-17) in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, Ottawa (2017-2020) in the OHL, and the Canada national junior team.

For the coach, it is all about the way he treats his players. He also says he needs to make the changes that could help the team win. That is what makes him the best option when it comes to winning games for the team.

Andre hopes to turn their chances around soon, and he is doing a great job to keep them afloat.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA