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Who are the most arrogant Sports Fans in Canada?
Jul 7, 2022, 8:24:00 AM

Who are the most arrogant Sports Fans in Canada?

Arrogance is a trait many sports fans often get attributed to and although many avid sports enthusiasts may argue that they are just deeply passionate about their favourite teams, perhaps it sometimes comes off as arrogance. This is no different when it comes to Canadian sports fans, though it does make us wonder - which Canadian team has the most arrogant fanbase? 

To find out which Canadian team has the most arrogant sports fans, Canadian leading crypto sports betting site,, gathered data from Twitter using specific keywords from tweets sent to the official Twitter handles of the top teams in Canada. Data was collected over the span of 12 months, from June 2021-June 2022, considering which sport or league each franchise competed in, their official Twitter handle and the number of arrogant tweets sent to the team account. 

Toronto Blue Jays are the Canadian team with the most arrogant fanbase 

The Toronto Blue Jays official Twitter account received the most arrogant tweets from their avid fan base with a whopping 30,684. The Blue Jays have had a mixed season so far by their lofty standards and many supporters have taken to social media to demand even better performances from their stars. 

Despite the fact that a potential downturn in results overall this season poses a concern, it seems the Blue Jays fan base still holds a lot of bullishness in their team, dubbing them as ‘winners’ and ‘the best’ on Twitter. This level of support from the fans might come as a result of the positive outlook of the players themselves. For instance, although the team’s ace Alek Manoah has received backlash this season for not playing at his best, his relaxed response sees fans cheering him on as he states; "Just throw it in the trash can, forget about it and keep going."

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Toronto Maple Leafs take second place on the list 

Toronto Maple Leafs will be coming from the draft in the hope that their prospects will solidify their roster for the upcoming season. The Leafs haven’t clinched a Stanley Cup since the 60s, and while they have not quite taken the top spot in the past few years, 25,773 tweets showed just how arrogant fans of the Original Six team are. 

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The Edmonton Oilers complete the top three

Amidst all the speculation about the Edmonton Oilers trading their winger Jesse Puljujarvi, it seems the team is entering a type of off-season that has not been witnessed in decades. Though Puljujarvi has performed strongly in recent seasons it appears that a late-season injury and an unfortunate playoff has tanked his trade stock. However, with star players such as Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl still on the team it sparks confidence amongst fans. This level of reassurance may have resulted in a total of 25,574 arrogant tweets being sent to the official Edmonton Oilers page since June 2021.

Other notable teams with seemingly arrogant fan bases include the NBA team, the Toronto Raptors who came in fourth on the list with a total of 20,368 tweets. Calgary Flames still managed to have their fans backing them with a total of 13,375, despite only having three picks at the NHL draft for this year. 

From the overall results, it's quite clear that the Toronto Blue Jays have gained a lot of respect from their fans as they have the most arrogant fanbase overall even though they have tasted defeat in their last four games. Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers also have a decent number of boastful fans despite their unimpressive rankings in the NHL. 

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Full results


Sport / League 


Total Arrogant Tweets 

Toronto Blue Jays




Toronto Maple Leafs




Edmonton Oilers




Toronto Raptors




Montreal Canadiens




Vancouver Canucks




Calgary Flames




Ottawa Senators




Winnipeg Jets




Toronto FC