Live Betting

In-play Bitcoin betting at is all about access, efficiency and instant action. That's why we're the best option around for sports bettors of all persuasions when it comes to live bets. We don't care if you want to stake 0.01 mBTC or as much as 100 BTC, when you join our platform there's live betting options for everyone. How can we offer something for everyone in an instant? Simple, our software has been designed to ensure you're able to find the best odds and place a wager with no more than three clicks.

Now we've got your attention, here's a quick overview of why we offer the best live Bitcoin sports betting options in the industry:

We probably have better live odds on more major events than anyone else.

Our live results options will keep you in touch with each event as it plays out.

You won't ever miss a beat with our countdown timers and upcoming events tab.

Lives Odds

We pride ourselves on offering the best odds for every major event and that means our team will be on hand to update the price of every live bet. As the action changes, so will the odds. Thanks to our unique layout, you have the option to track the odds in one of two ways: 

If you know the event you want to bet on, you can select this option and watch the odds update before your very eyes.

If you're a little less choosy, you can simply view the live bets lobby and get a complete overview of every ongoing fixture across a variety of sports, including:





American Football


Baseball and more… 

Live Results

Speed counts when you're searching for the best live BTC odds which is why we include a results tracker inside each betting option. Essentially, we've made the in-play platform a one-stop-shop so you never have to go outside our virtual walls to check the progress of your chosen event. After selecting your favourite sporting event, you'll see a score counter just above the live odds. This set-up means you can jump on any favorable situations as and when they occur without delay.

Live Countdown

Time is often of the essence in the live mBTC betting world, which means you need to know exactly when an event is drawing to a close. Our countdown timers allow you to accurately track the progress of any sporting contest so you know exactly how much time and, importantly, how much value is on offer when you're sizing up our list of live bets that include:

Outright Winner


Next Scorer

Interval Bets (time an event will happen)

Round Betting and more…

Stay on Top of the Action

Live Bitcoin sports betting is as much about preparation as it is timing and inside our platform you'll find a list of upcoming events so you can plan your bets well in advance. Set out in an easy-to-read table that tells you when, what and why you should be betting, this set-up is the perfect way for you to get on top of the action and stay there. Whether you're looking for the best Decimal, Fractions or American odds, our Upcoming Events tab will give you the lowdown on all the day's sporting highlights. If you want to enjoy the rush of in-play BTC betting using your desktop, smartphone or tablet, complete our instant sign-up form and get in the game today.