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A Handicap/Point Spread is given to a team (+) that has a good headstart of points at the start of the match. The rest of the teams that have been marked with (-) are the underdogs. Staking on your selected team to win the entire tournament is the Tournament Winner bet. This is also the outright wager for the LoL Championship Series.

A Match Winner bet lets you wager on your chosen LoL player who is competing against another opponent.

Prop bets level up the intensity of the battle to new heights of excitement, giving you more opportunities to take home more rewards for every successful wager. Fixtures for prop bets like which team will win Map 1, Map 2, Map 3 and so on, are the most popular wagers among punters.

Which team will dominate the 1st Tower?

First Blood is staking on a team that gets to score the first kill in the game.

Over/Under (Total) is betting on the total number of kills scored by your chosen team.

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