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Adrian Yanez likes his chances in a fight against Petr Yan
Nov 22, 2021, 4:46:00 AM

Adrian Yanez likes his chances in a fight against Petr Yan

Adrian Yanez is one of the MMA’s biggest rising stars. With the momentum he has built over the past few months, he believes he can beat the UFC’s interim bantamweight champion, Petr Yan. It might sound far fetched but Yanez has showcased solid potential.

Yanez already has a solid résumé in the UFC as he has a spotless 3-0 record in the promotion. He has stoppage victories over Victor Rodriguez, Gustavo Lopez, and Randy Costa in some of the highest-level bantamweight bouts. Yanez has showcased his skills enough to prove he’s a top-tier talent.

He has already trained with top-tier talents like Aljamain Sterling who is a well-known contender and rival of Yan’s. With what Yanez has learned from Sterling, he knows that he can match up with the interim champ from a pure boxing standpoint. Yanez watched the fights with a student’s mindset but it has boosted his morale to the point where he knows he can fight on the same level as Yan.

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Yanez is primed to earn a shot at the upper echelon of the bantamweight division if he keeps winning. He likes his chances against Yan who is arguably the top fighter at 135 pounds. Yan is a formidable opponent but if Yanez is confident to take him on, it proves that the rising star is a huge threat to any top bantamweight fighter.

He said, ‘Even in the Cory Sandhagen vs. Petr Yan fight, when I’m outside observing and looking in, I could see the high levels. I could also see, “This is what I would do in this situation.” I like my chances against Petr Yan because I feel like I have some of the best boxing in the 135 division. But they’re all super, super tough fights. Just getting into the top 15, you’re fighting nothing but killers. You don’t have an easy fight when you get there so, of course, they all excite me’.

Those are big comments from a rising star but it shows that Yanez is confident about himself. If he can channel that energy in his fights, you can expect him to become a top star in the bantamweight division in due time.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA