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Coach Winkeljohn talks about why no one wants to fight Holm
Aug 12, 2021, 5:01:00 AM

Coach Winkeljohn talks about why no one wants to fight Holm

Mike Winkeljohn believes that fighters in the bantamweight ranks are afraid to face Holly Holm due to her improved grappling which was seen as her weakness before. The new and improved Holm is a tough fighter and Winkeljohn admits he has helped Holm refine her style.

Holm made her name one of the best strikers that women’s MMA has ever seen. She made a breakthrough into the mainstream during her title fight against the legendary Ronda Rousey. Holm pulled off an insane head kick knockout which shocked the world and sent Rousey packing, with only one fight since then.

Coach Wink has talked about why Holm has moved up a division to fight Norma Dumont in the featherweight ranks. He said, ‘Honestly, nobody wants to fight Holly. We have to go up to 145 for this fight with (Norma) Dumont because nobody wants to fight Holly. I can go through the list’.

He then proceeds to drop names such as Germaine de Randamie, Raquel Pennington, Irene Aldana, and even Miesha Tate as fighters who refused to fight Holm.

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While Holm will fight in the featherweight ranks against Dumont, she still wants to fight for the title of the weight class below. She wants to prove why she’s an all-around fighter now and not just a good striker. Her weakness with grappling and wrestling were exposed back in the day but Holm has done the work and has become a solid grappler.

Coach Wink talked about how much a title fight will mean to Holm and the rest of the team.

He said, ‘Holly just wants the title shot. That’s all she wants. She’s never turned down a fight before in her life, and she wants a title fight. I thought Holly looked so impressive when she fought Irene Aldana, that people gotta know where she’s at. And that’s the problem, people are like, uh oh, she can now wrestle people now? As well as striking? It’s getting scary, and I think people see that’.

It will be fun to see how Holm will fare at 145 pounds first before she returns to the bantamweight class to bring the fight to the people who refused her offers.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA