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Derek Brunson beats Till by submission at UFC Fight Night
Sep 7, 2021, 4:13:00 AM

Derek Brunson beats Till by submission at UFC Fight Night

Derek Brunson won against Darren Till in the main event of the UFC Fight Night during the third round by a rear-naked choke submission. Brunson dominated the fight from the start as he controlled the pace with his ground game.

Before the fight, Brunson already knew that he had a good lead. It was a dominant win for Brunson and after the match, he talked about receiving a title shot against current UFC middleweight champ, Israel Adesanya. It was a strong performance from the 37-year-old as he continues to climb the ladder of his division.

Brunson has already heard rumours of him fighting Jared Cannonier in a bout that can decide the true contender for Izzy’s belt. It will be a tough fight but Brunson is still confident in himself to take the win and even beat Izzy for the belt.

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He addressed the possible bout with Jared and he’s not counting it out. Brunson said, ‘We have some options. Cannonier isn’t completely off the table, but I’ve been adamant about asking for the toughest guys in the division. I asked for Paulo Costa, the UFC sent him a contract and he didn’t sign it. If I would’ve got that fight I would’ve been definitely next for the title. I’m doing all this work. I want to be rewarded. I’ve never got a title shot’.

It is obvious that Brunson wants a shot at the belt. He is already a top fighter but he has not been rewarded with a shot at Izzy’s title. He lost to Izzy back in the day but Brunson is older and wiser now and he feels he has a good shot at the champ in a second bout.

Brunson was sharp during his fight with Till and he showed potential that he didn’t before. He wants to keep this going because he knows one more win can secure him a shot at the belt.

He feels more confident in his skill set to the point that he believes he can beat Izzy. He wants to strengthen his striking but he knows his ground game is still his best weapon.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA