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Edwards sheds light on failed UFC 269 match
Nov 19, 2021, 5:01:00 AM

Edwards sheds light on failed UFC 269 match

Leon Edwards says that Jorge Masvidal is not much of a serious person when it comes to matches as the star pulled out of their clash at UFC 269. That match could have been the highlight for 2021 if it wasn’t for the pull out which disappointed a lot of fans later on.

London became the centre of the two stars’ grudge over each other. It all began after UFC Fight Night 147 when they had a backstage scene after the event. Masvidal went viral as he hit Leon with a soda can during that scuffle.

Two years after that incident, the two players have been in a social media war and have been throwing insults at each other for some time now. Fans were hoping that the match at UFC 269 would settle their dispute once and for all.

Leon knows that Jorge will get nothing out of this match. He even said that the pull out was expected right from the start as soon as Jorge started making statements about injuries.

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​​’I knew he was going to. I heard some news coming back that he was looking a bit fat, he was looking chubby still’, Leon said. ‘I didn't think he was training for it to be honest. I always knew he was going to run away. It's been three years since the incident in London and he's been dodging me ever since’.

Leon also said that Jorge is a fraud and is only saving his skin to get out of the fight. He also said that there is no more reason to stay on the UFC 269 bill so he will also pull out of it as well.

The star instead wants to get a shot at Kamaru Usman. Leon hopes that the UFC will see that he now deserves this chance. Until Jorge shows up and fights him, the main goal for Leon would be to stay on track in his matches and improve.

When Jorge decides to fight him for real, Leon will be ready to roll him down and show why he is the best star between the two of them.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA