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Former champs Miocic and Jones are reportedly set to fight
Aug 9, 2021, 4:34:00 AM

Former champs Miocic and Jones are reportedly set to fight

Former heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic and former light heavyweight champ Jon Jones are set to fight each other according to UFC president Dana White. This will be one of the biggest non-title fights in UFC history given both fighters’ track records.

According to White, Stipe has accepted the fight against the former light heavyweight stalwart. On the other hand, Jones has not made a move just yet but the prospect of a fight between the two stars is tantalizing. Jones hasn’t made his debut in the heavyweight ranks just yet but if it’s against Stipe, it will be a chance for him to cement himself as a top dog.

For Stipe, this will be a redemption fight because he lost the heavyweight belt and he wants to earn it again. This will most likely be a number one contender’s match but until Jones makes a move, this will be a frozen fight. However, it has drawn so much attention already which means it will be hard for Jones to ignore.

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Jones is ready to fight Ciryl Gane for the interim belt and then the winner of that fight will face up against champ Francis Ngannou. However, the situation is murky and it looks like Dana White wants Jones to cement himself in the division first.

White said, ‘Me and Jones have had that type of relationship his whole career. When he’s ready to fight we are ready to go. He’s talking about fighting at heavyweight. Whoever wins that fight, if Jon Jones wants to come back he can fight one of them. Or, he can fight Stipe Miocic. Stipe has accepted that fight and will take that fight’.

The president has also revealed that Jones is not fighting until 2022 which means it will be a long wait for him as he keeps building up muscle for his next fight. Stipe himself has grown tired of the UFC recently and he has even voiced out his opinions about what changes can be made.

It will be fun to see how Stipe will perform since he wants another title shot after being soundly beaten by Ngannou. It will be interesting to see since he’s still an athletic freak.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA