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Munhoz eyes flyweight title after Aldo fight
Sep 22, 2021, 4:30:00 AM

Munhoz eyes flyweight title after Aldo fight

Pedro Munhoz might be set for a big call to move down to the flyweight division after his loss to Jose Aldo at UFC 265. He is open for a change in his career and mulls on his options to either stay in his current class or just move down to flyweight for better opportunities.

After losing to Aldo in UFC 265, Munhoz worked on his game and looked to cut down his weight to 125 pounds. He spoke to his opponent and opened his plans which might change his career in a very big way. ‘The Young Punisher’ might soon be headed for the next chapter of his career.

Munhoz has been in the same class since 2014. He has beaten four stars in the class but has never fought as a flyweight in the MMA while he thrived in the bantamweight. His journey in the same class might be over soon after his loss to Aldo.

‘What I felt in that fight was a little bit of body weight difference’, Munhoz said. ‘I have this idea at the moment. I want to do something very professional if we’re talking about moving down in weight’.

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When off the camp, Munhoz usually walks around 155 pounds and loses up to three pounds as soon as he begins training. He loses 12 pounds to cut in fight week.

At the age of 35, Munhoz still looks at the possible move. This only means that there is still a lot of work to do for him to make that move to the next class. The star is open for options and is even open for one last fight, which would put him in a tough spot for his plans to move down.

‘If I have an offer at bantamweight that I think makes sense to me, I’ll fight one more time at bantamweight, even twice if needed be’, Munhoz said. ‘Am I thinking about going down a division in the near future? Yes, but I’ll adapt the best way possible if something happens along the way’.

Munhoz will work out his plans soon, and it will take some time for him to move to the next class.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA