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Oliveira says he is not likeable in the UFC
Nov 26, 2021, 3:18:00 AM

Oliveira says he is not likeable in the UFC

Charles Oliveira has been one of the low-key stars in the MMA, and he says that is the main reason he is not that likeable at all. He is a quiet person by nature and he claims that there is no need for him to show that he can do more than what most fans think of him.

If there was one huge feat that Charles wanted at this point in his career, that would be to win a lot of titles. To rise up in the UFC rankings and become a champ is a dream, but that is not the same trend that most players are going for.

Charles believes that players are becoming less competitive and are relying more on trash talk to get to the top. In the era of both Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, the talking part is more on display than the actual fighting.

This is why Charles is a rare breed of fighter in MMA. He is the lightweight champion and yet he only lets his fists do the talking for him instead of a motormouth. The champ says that makes him less likeable to many fans of the sport.

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‘Maybe that’s not so good for the UFC that I’m too quiet, but I compensate inside the Octagon’, he said. ‘I’m not one of these guys that keep talking and looking for attention. I show up inside the Octagon’.

Charles took the long road to the UFC title. He came into the UFC in 2010 and has 28 fights in the UFC before he became a champion. Some say that his quiet approach to his games may soon make a bad impact on his image in the game.

Charles is all about winning. He just punches for a living and he is set to make the most of his career by fighting hard - not by doing all the talk. Charles’ standard in the UFC makes him a better star in the long run - a fighter to remember and a role model to future stars in the making.

Charles may be the last of his kind, and he is the only star in the UFC who fights with his fist alone.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA