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Should Khabib extend his winning record?
Dec 1, 2021, 4:10:00 AM

Should Khabib extend his winning record?

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the best stars in UFC who proved that being a successful fighter is the key to his legacy. The Russian star retired without being defeated once in his career which made him one of the biggest icons in the game.

Over the years, big names such as Conor McGregor, Kamaru Usman, Dustin Poirier and others have led the UFC in terms of popularity and huge matches. It was a huge shift for the sport when Khabib came into play and proved that he can score wins at will.

So when Khabib rushed into his enemies and crushed them to pulp, the entire UFC was focused on his games instead. Not even the trash talk of Conor was bigger than that. The Russian star was taking down one fighter after another, and it showed why he was one of the best players in the league.

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No one could defeat Khabib back then. The star was cruising from 2008 in the lightweight division from 2008 to 2010 before he moved to the welterweight division for two years. He came back to the lightweight division in 2012 and fought all the way to 2020. He soon became the longest-reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, having held the title from April 2018 to March 2021.

On top of that, Khabib retired with an undefeated record of 29-0-0. The star showed the whole UFC that it was possible to take on each fight and win. That was a record that no one could beat. Not even the greats can pull it off which makes Khabib a legend among many stars in the UFC.

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Khabib cannot risk a loss

Khabib is still on the young side for an UFC fighter. The star is one of the best players who ever stepped into the Octagon. However, there are talks of a possible return for the star and there are even big fights coming in if he ever does.

This retire-then-play tactic is common among many players in the UFC. Conor is one of the players who does it most of the time. The star has been busy trying to retire and then unretire for a big pay-per-view match. That is how the business works in the UFC, and it is not that far for Khabib to make it happen at all.

However, there are a lot of risks when it comes to his return. He could always go for 30-0-0 to make it a perfect number, but that also puts him in a tough spot since a return might also give him a loss, so it is still a 50-50 chance that the Russian star would actually make a comeback soon.

Losing is not an option for Khabib as it would stain his perfect legacy in the UFC. Another factor to consider for his return is how he will fight after a year of no action because he will need time to train and get back into his form.

There are a lot of players who would love to score a win against him as well. This is a chance for many fighters to try and make history as the only player to beat Khabib. Of course, the ones he beat before would also want to try again and settle a score with him. That changes Khabib’s perspective when it comes to getting back to the game.

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Khabib can raise the bar in the sport

On the bright side, getting back into UFC action means a lot for Khabib since there is more to expect from him if he ever returns. That says a lot about his games as a star and he can even raise the bar by doing so.

A return from Khabib means that he is here to extend his win record and beat more fighters in the long run. He could have gone for a 30-0-0 record and yet he wanted to play it safe and retire at 29 wins instead. This is a chance that the star can also consider if he is going to play well in his comeback.

Adding more wins to his tally means that it is unbreakable, and fans can even expect him to try for more matches in the long run. After all, winning is a huge feat for Khabib and the more he adds to his record, the harder it will be to break for other players who will come into the UFC.

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If the Russian star is planning a comeback in 2022, that is a huge story that will shake the UFC news once more.

On top of that, Khabib is already the face of the UFC, and he is all about winning games as well. Despite being a retired star, fans know that Khabib still has what it takes to play, and they want him to extend his legacy as one of the best stars who played in the UFC.

Whether Khabib comes back to play or not, the star will surely prove that he is still the best. It was the best decision to retire at 29-0-0, and that is a feat that will take years to beat. It is his legacy on the line if he tries to come back, and no one would want that to be stained by a single loss.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA