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White gives his take on the Diaz-Lawler fight
Oct 4, 2021, 5:00:00 AM

White gives his take on the Diaz-Lawler fight

Dana White was shocked with the way UFC 266 ended for Nick Diaz. He still had a lot of praise for the star despite his loss to Robbie Lawler. The UFC president said it was still a good fight for Diaz and there is still a bright future left for the MMA star in the coming years.

Among many analysts and fans, White was one of the only few people who had faith in Diaz’s game. White thought Diaz looked impressive in his loss to Lawler at UFC 266. That comes along with Diaz’s late request to change the weight class of the match.

The star still lost at the end of the day. Diaz called it quits just 44 seconds into the third round of their fight. At first, fans thought it was Lawler who didn’t have an edge in the fight due to the weight change, but it was Diaz who suffered from the lack of speed.

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White, however, still thought that Diaz was in good form. Nick has not fought in any match for six years, and that kind of layoff is a nightmare for a lot of UFC stars as they lose their form on that note. It was far from what they saw from Diaz as he still gave Lawler a good fight.

‘Those two went to war. The fight itself exceeded my expectations because Nick hadn’t fought in five years’, White said. ‘I thought Robbie was just gonna go out there and buzzsaw through him. And that was not the case’.

For 11 minutes, fans saw how Diaz changed in those years. He was slow and his punches lacked the snap he was known for. The star still popped off his offence in the best way he could to prove he can still go toe to toe against a faster star in Lawler.

In the end, Lawler owned the rest of the match. Nick showed his heart and grit that made him a hit with the fans, but he had his limits which led to the loss. That may have been a big defeat, but White knows it was a game that showed how Diaz can still be a star.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA