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Why Tai Tuivasa is just getting started with his UFC career
Aug 16, 2021, 3:46:00 AM

Why Tai Tuivasa is just getting started with his UFC career

It has become a familiar sight for UFC fans to see Tai Tuivasa’s ‘shoey’ celebration when he wins. With his stretch of victories, he admits that he’s just getting started. After three straight wins, Tuivasa is on his way to becoming one of the top contenders in the heavyweight ranks.

Tai’s win over Greg Hardy at UFC 264 was a sign that Tai is on the rise in the heavyweight ranks. He won the Performance of the Night award after he beat Hardy in just one minute with a knockout. All three of Tai’s last fights have come in a first-round KO which shows that he’s climbing the ladder of the division.

After the Hardy fight, Tai talked about why he felt that the job is not yet done. He said, ‘It was an awesome feeling winning that fight. It was a buzz then – and it was a buzz for a while afterwards. But I’m back to reality now. Back to training. I’ve been pretty good this year with working hard, and I think the results are starting to show’.

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One of the biggest changes that helped Tai is his decision to switch camps. He made the move to American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose which has helped some big names to title glory in the UFC. This includes the likes of Daniel Cormier, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Cain Velasquez, and many more.

Tai’s friendship with Cormier was the key to the move. He knows that DC is an MMA legend and taking advice from a former champ is what he needs to keep in step with the rest of the UFC’s top heavyweights.

Tai gave some background info about his mindset when he’s training and fighting. He said, ‘I always knew how to fight, but fighting is different to MMA. Even though I’m up to my tenth fight in the UFC, I’m still young in the sport. So I’m always travelling and learning, trying to gain experience and get better. I’m only going to improve’.

He’s only getting better and at just 28 years of age, he will become an even stronger fighter.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA