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Zhang puts more focus en route to UFC 268
Nov 4, 2021, 3:47:00 AM

Zhang puts more focus en route to UFC 268

Zhang Weili is off to a big task in UFC 268 as the star aims to regain her strawweight title. She will face Rose Namajunas in the coming match, and she wants to settle a score as the title bout draws near with her chance closing down in the 2021 run.

As far as trash talk goes between fighters, Rose has done a great job to keep on taunting the Chinese star. She’s gone way beyond and below the belt, but Zhang just keeps on adding that fuel to the fire, and she is glad to make her move to the next level in the fight.

Zhang admits that the trash talk had a huge impact on her focus, but she believes that her patience will pay off when she beats Rose in her coming fight. This is a chance for the Chinese star to redeem her worth from her loss in UFC 261 where she dropped her game against Rose. Zhang was knocked out with a head kick in the first round back then.

‘I was bothered by what she had said’, the star said. ‘The political comments Rose made got the audience not to support me. It was beyond fair play. It crossed a line. I don’t feel as friendly toward Rose as a fellow mixed martial artist as I did before. I have a lot more training and I have had a lot more focus on myself’.

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The rivals are set to meet again in the co-main event of UFC 268 at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Rose is set to defend the belt that Zhang once owned, but in this fight, it would be a different star who will walk into the cage to win her belt.

For starters, Zhang has trained well with Henry Cejudo, who is known as one of the best hard-hitters in MMA. This puts levels on Zhang’s efforts in her training. Cejudo even said that the Chinese star has changed a lot of her playstyle, which means this will be a huge fight to watch for most fans.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA