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The Paulista Serie A2 is one of the best leagues for big-time betting. Sao Paulo’s state championship brings the best football action that you would love to watch and bet on. Get the best of Paulista Serie A2 online betting when you wager here at Sportsbet.io.

Punters go for Paulista Serie A2 betting simply because it offers some of the best games in a football state championship. Given that this is the second division, fans are still keen to see the action unfold in this league with many talented stars and competitive teams at the ready.

Don’t miss the chance of wagering on A2 games from the regular season, the knockouts and all the way to the finals. Win huge rewards when you wager on each goal scored or even the classy saves on the big stage here at Sportsbet.io.

League format

The league is played in the same format as the first and lower divisions in Sao Paulo’s state championship. Football games are played from January to April, with 20 teams battling in three phases of the competition, which means more options for those keen to come up with the best Paulista Serie A2 bets.

The four lowest teams from the top flight are relegated to A2 in the following year. The bottom four of the Paulista Serie A2 will be relegated to the third division, while the top two teams from each group will be sent to Serie A1. That means more chances of winning when you bet on Paulista Serie A2, especially with many competitive teams gunning for a shot at bigger glory.

First Stage

The first stage of the Serie A2 games comprises two groups with ten teams. Clubs play against each other twice in a home and away series. The top four teams from each group move on to Phase Two of the competition, where the best of the clubs emerge as options that you can consider for Paulista Serie A2 sports betting.


The knockout stages are the next step in the competition and a good avenue for Paulista Serie A2 betting. There will be two more stages of games, with the final four teams battling for supremacy. This also repeats the home and away-series between the final teams. The top two teams are guaranteed promotion to Serie A1.


The Finals are considered the third and closing phase of the Paulista Serie A2 season. Each top team that makes it to the final will play in a championship game that will determine the tournament winner. This is the biggest chance to make the best A2 sports bet, especially with the best of the best showing off on the big stage.

Top Paulista Serie A2 betting markets 

Sportsbet.io offers the best betting markets where you can get the most out of your wagers. Betting on the Paulista Serie A2 can be a tough challenge considering that the playing teams are not that well known, and there are a few stats to look out for. However, these betting markets will give you a chance to win big handsome prizes up for grabs.

  • Winner bets: This market is all about going for straight-up betting. All you have to do is guess which team you think will win in the games.

  • Handicaps: Handicaps level the betting odds between two teams. The favourites get a handicap to begin the game, while the underdogs get a boost. The bet wins if the team you wagered on meets certain conditions.

  • Game Totals: A score-based market you can consider is the game totals. You must guess the total score between the two teams by the end of the game.

  • Over/Under: This goal is to bet on a set number for the score to either go over or under by the end of the game.

  • First to score: This is a bet you should consider for guessing which team would come up with a goal and draw first blood in the game. You can also bet on which player will score first in the game.

  • Clean sheet: The goal for this market is to bet on the game to end in a clean sheet. This can also end in a clean sheet for a specific team, but it will be lost if both teams score the ball.

Top teams to bet on the Paulista Serie A2

There are a lot of teams in the Serie A2 Paulista, and each one of them has different Paulista Serie A2 odds. This is why it is a must to know some of the best teams in the league that can come up with a big win in their games. Here are the top clubs that have the best Paulista Serie A2 betting odds:

  • Esporte Taubate - As one of the only two teams to win six titles in the competition, Esporte Taubate has the biggest chances of winning in most of their games, with the Paulista Serie A2 sports odds mostly in their favour all of the time.

  • XV de Piracicaba - Piracicaba is known as one of the most competitive teams in the Paulista Serie A2, and they have proven their worth as one of the best contenders over the years. They have also won six titles, making them a good pick with better Paulista Serie A2 online odds.

  • Noroeste - Settling in the City of Bauru, Noroeste is the pride of the area and has managed to win four titles in the Paulista Serie A2, making them one of the hot picks that you can consider in making the best A2 bets.

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