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The world exudes great talent and athleticism, but where do we find the home of champions? It’s within the tens of thousands of roaring fans, explosive moves of the players, and impeccable interplays of the teams in the grand, towering football stadiums. All of which you can find and enjoy here in the in-play betting at —  the best platform for a Fun, Fast, and Fair Bitcoin sports and esports betting experience.

Association football is the world’s most popular sport due to the prestige it holds, its billions of fans, and the exhilarating experience of watching and betting on it live, especially at Sportsbet. Catch your favourite championships and revel in the thrill of last-minute wins from teams in World Cup, UEFALa Liga, Copa Libertadores, Bangalore Super Division, Bangladesh Championship League and Brazil Série A. Here, you get the cream of the crop of Bitcoin football betting with our competitive live soccer odds, high-quality live streaming, daily price boosts, and tons of available markets to choose from. 

In-play betting explained: Long shot your way to victory

Sports betting is filled with a plethora of betting types, markets, and specials. If you want to double your winnings and jazz up your experience that will put you on the edge of your seat, in-play is definitely the best choice!

In-play betting allows you to place your bets while a match is in progress. So, instead of relying on outright and future odds, you get a leg up towards your goals because you have the opportunity of analysing their movements, points earned, and rankings in real-time. Meaning, from every kick, swing, throw, and score, all you need to know to make the most informed decision during the game are in one place ready for you to take action on.

Does the modification of live odds make football betting at high risk? With a solid focus in every detail of the game, it is not. Here’s a great analogy of why this betting type is perfect for football. 

Football managers use substitutions in two ways: (1) to minimise the risk of injury to tired players and (2) to gain leverage in influencing the game in their favour. In-play betting similarly works just like that. 

You, as the punter, will think like the football manager. The opportunity to win your stakes is high because you can make last-minute decisions whenever the game unfolds not according to your favour. With live odds at Sportsbet, the field is yours and they could be key to your victory!

In-play features at Sportsbet: What we can offer you

In-play betting is fun on its own, but you can make it better with Sportsbet as your platform. Aside from our safe, fast, and overall excellent crypto deposit and withdrawal services, we guarantee to further your live football betting with the four following features we offer. 

  1. Mobile betting and high-quality live streaming

  2. Sportsbet continues to stay at the forefront of the industry, with mobile betting and high-quality live streaming as our two newest additions to our services.

    Thanks to UX professionals who redesigned our site, we are proud to give you a premium mobile interface highly focused on speed and ease of use, as well as faster withdrawals and one-tap betting. Even better, we stepped up our game in becoming one of the world’s first Bitcoin-focused sportsbooks to introduce a live streaming service. Just like the variety of our available languages, this product features localised versions in Brazilian, Japanese, and Russian languages, among others. 

  3. Betting lobby: Different markets to choose from

  4. Just as there are several terms in football, Sportsbet’s wide range of in-play betting markets offers something for every type of punter. So whatever outcome the game will turn into, we ensure to have the perfect option for you to enjoy.

    1x2 betting

    Also known as three-way or 3-way betting, this market refers to the backing or laying on three possible outcomes in a match. These are ‘1’ that represents the home team, ‘X’ for the draw, and ‘2’ that denotes the away team. In specific situations where it is possible, you can hedge by backing the Draw in the same market if it's available and then cashing out both bets.

    Asian handicap

    Asian handicap is a form of spread betting that originated in Indonesia and only gained massive popularity during the early 21st century. Although there is still the element of handicap, which is the virtual lead of one team over another, this specific market eliminates the chance of a draw in a match. Meaning, the possible outcomes are two. 

    Asian total

    This market is Asian Handicap for total goals. It works similarly to Over/Under betting, but this time, it is applicable to many football match situations (e.g. goals, corners, yellow cards, and more). 

    Also, Asian totals are quite different from regular totals both in terms of format and function or calculation method. First, regular totals appear with an integer or half number (e.g. total over 3 or total under 2.5), whereas Asian totals are indicated by two digits after the decimal points (e.g. total over 1.25 or total under 2.25). Second, regular totals only infer winning or losing bets, while Asian totals give you more profit because you can receive 50% of your stake back if you ‘half lose’ or 50% of your winnings if it’s ‘half win’. 

    1st Goal

    Also known as the Home/Away betting, this market allows you to bet on the team you think will score the first goal of a single match. Deciding in this line may seem easy, especially when the odds are in favour of the favourite over the underdog. So in case the match pits two strong teams, the ‘No First Goal’ market often becomes a helpful alternative choice. It means that the game would end with no goals scored.

    Correct score

    To experienced and pro punters at Sportsbet, let’s test your betting skills with this popular prop bet. Correct score betting is more than just guessing the result of the match but rather predicting the exact score of both teams. Just a tip for you: the smaller the score, the shorter the odds, and the bigger the score, the higher the odds. 

    Both teams to score

    Short for BTTS, this market is combined with Over/Under. Meaning, not only will you accurately estimate the score of both teams but also if the total number of goals will be over or under a certain amount set by Sportsbet. Always do your research on the two teams when betting on this market, especially if they are fairly evenly matched, so you could have a manageable risk. Overall, it is less speculative than betting on an outright winner if both teams are on the same playing level. 

    BTTS comes with another subtype market called 1st/2nd half — Both teams to score. It is literally wagering on both teams to score at least one goal each in the first and/or second half. 

    Double chance

    As the term suggests, this market increases your winning chances from a single event up to a potential 67%. It can be used to cover two of the three possible outcomes in one ticket, which either combines both sides' win/draw options or eliminates the draw option entirely.


    Just like in roulette, if you want a slightly vague bet but with guaranteed odds, the odd/even market never falters in our list! Here you can wager if the total number of goals scored in a match or series is an odd or even number.

    Clean Sheet Betting

    Clean sheet is a football term referring to the record of opposing teams (specifically the goalkeepers) prevented from scoring. Its market allows you to wager on whether or not your preferred team will concede a goal. 

  5. Set your odds: 5 available odds at Sportsbet

  6. As the world’s best Bitcoin betting platform, Sportsbet guarantees to cover every odds format for our various kinds of punters. Listed below are our five available types you can choose from: 

    • American → This is also known as Moneyline odds, a format based on $100 and uses plus and minus signs. They indicate whether the team you are supporting is an underdog or favourite, respectively. So, if it is the minus sign, then the number beside it is the amount needed to risk in order to win $100, whereas the number with the plus sign denotes how much you could win if you bet on $100. 

    • Decimal → If you want a cheaper format than the Moneylines, decimal odds indicate the amount of your win per dollar wagered. 

    • Indonesian → Anyone familiar with the Moneyline would find Indonesian odds relatively easy. The only difference with the latter is that its bet is split by 100, only uses the factor 1.0 (one decimal place), and refers to the term ‘unit’ as money.

    • Hong Kong → Hong Kong odds are a combination of decimal odds and the Moneylines. Their major qualities are that they are represented by a positive or negative number, preceded by a decimal figure that shows the amount of money needed to win $100 (or other currency).

    • Malaysian → Akin to the Moneylines, Indonesian, and Hong Kong odds, Malay odds use plus and minus signs. This time, however, the format is a means to figure out how much money you will make. Hence, they start with 0 and can be simply converted to decimal odds.

  7. Boost your odds daily with the Price Boost

  8. Whatever odds format you set and betting market you choose, your path to even bigger rewards is further assisted by Sportsbet’s daily Price Boost! Increase your chances of winning and profits with our latest boosted odds up to a maximum!

    Even better, our generous Price Boost promotion isn’t only exclusive to Bitcoin football betting. You can change the scene from a pitch to a court, or whatever sport you prefer betting on today. Either way, what you only need to do is to go to your ‘My Bets’ page to click on the ‘Price Boost’ tab. From there, select the sport you want to bet on.

Arsenal and Southampton: Champions you can bet on

At, nothing brings us more joy than sports. We continue to bring the best of all sporting worlds to both sports fans and punters, which are the passion and excitement of the most profitable betting markets, popular leagues, and talented teams. As the world’s number one Bitcoin-led football sportsbook, here we share with you two of our official partners hailing from the prestigious English Premier League (EPL): Arsenal FC and Southampton FC.

EPL is the top-flight football league in the United Kingdom, and perhaps, across the world. Two of their founding members, Arsenal and Southampton, are official partners of Sportsbet.

Our collaboration with Arsenal started at the beginning of the 2020-21 EPL season. The deal states that is the club’s official betting partner, prominently representing our logo at Emirates Stadium during their home games and through digital club promotion.

Like Sportsbet, Arsenal are a key player in their respective industry. They are a 13-time league-winning heavyweight of EPL, along with the following notable records: 

    ⚽  14 FA Cups

    ⚽  2 League Cups

    ⚽  16 FA Community Shields

    ⚽  1 Winners' Cup

    ⚽  1 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

Sportsbet's expansion in the English Premier League extended with the signing of a partnership with Southampton. Our secured one-year contract with them made us their new partner for the 2020-21 season. It also includes that our logo is seen in the Saints’ popular retro kits.

While the Saints’ don’t have as many League wins as Arsenal, they have remained one of the league's top challengers since their promotion in 1966. Outside the League’s pitch, they are also a two-time FA Cup champion. 

The field is yours at Sportsbet

There is always a fun and new experience to endeavour at Our in-play betting is rewardingly delightful and exciting, so make sure you bet using Bitcoin (or whatever digital currency you prefer) and use our daily Price Boost in breaking new betting grounds! You can also even apply some of your stakes in our exclusive BetBuilder function. There you can aggregate your wagers on a variety of selections from the same event in just one ticket.

Thanks to the outstanding quality of our live streaming and the speed of our mobile app, truly the field is yours at Sportsbet! Here you are at the centre of live football betting that is always Fun, Fast, and Fair — where all of your favourite leagues and championships are wrapped around your fingers.