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Feb 26, 2020, 6:16:00 AM

Adam Masina Wants ‘More’

Adam Masina had an impressive run this season so far, playing well in their recent matches. He went from playing with few minutes to being a strong reserve to the team’s starting XI. The 26-year-old continues to play at a high level as the Hornets continue their comeback plan.

Masina is playing on limited minutes to start the season when they had former boss Quique Sanchez Flores at the helm. He looked forward to getting more play time this season, but it took a different turn when the team started to fall in the Premier League table.

He played a lot more under Nigel Pearson, who took over the team for the remainder of the season. The team started well, but they fell into a slump at the end of January and have struggled since. Their persistence and positivity continue to shine, yet they must work harder.

‘We all have a lot of work to do to make a better performance. We are working in the same way as last season pre-season but I am confident we can make a better season’, said Masina about the team’s progress. ‘We look forward. One thing my grandmother taught me is that you have to look after yourself and keep fighting until the end because, if you want something, you have to take it. No one will give it to you’.

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Masina scored in the Hornets’ loss to Everton prior to the winter break. He was so pumped up in that game as that was his first goal for the club despite the subsequent loss.

‘It was incredible to score, especially at Vicarage Road’, he said. ‘That made it more amazing. I score very few goals so it is a moment of happiness. I want to make something else for the team, this time in a win. It wasn’t a great goal – it was a good goal. I was lucky as the ball went through two legs’.

It seems he will not forget how he made the goal. After all, the first goal is always the sweetest. He looked back on that goal as if it was a winner. He believed that he could contribute more to the team if he continued to be aggressive like in that.

‘I watched it two or three times just to rewatch this kind of action as this type of play can bring us a lot of success’, said Masina. ‘We had a switch of play and a two-v-one with me and Deulofeu, and this action can be very important for us, so we have to continue to show our capacity to do this’.

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He continues to enjoy his growing role with the team. He may not have started strong in the team, but he is benefitting a lot from a regular run under Pearson’s wing. He continues to shine with the team that is fighting hard to earn a spot out of the relegation zone.

‘This year started so bad because I was out of the squad every weekend and I was so sad’, said Masina. ‘I didn’t know why I was out because my level of commitment was high as always. It was so, so hard for me. When I joined I was sure that in maybe three, four months I would start to play, and it was so disappointing for me to finish the season as the second left-back’.

Masina insists that he must continue to impress under Pearson. He might just be a future starter for the team when the time comes. He has no plans to quit so easily.

‘I can't stop myself – I have to push every time’, Masina said. ‘I am the kind of player that if I stop pushing, I am not myself, my best version. I'm trying to improve myself every day. I never want to think I am finished. This is the only way for me: to keep my mind on football and try to improve every day’.

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One of his best games with the team was their 3-0 win over Bournemouth.

‘That is for the coach, fans and the journalists to say’, he said of the team’s win over Bournemouth. ‘How we played was exactly the way we planned and studied. The team and the coaches helped me that day’.

He was appreciated by most of the members of the squad. He showcases his talent with a lot of confidence, and that is probably why he deserves the spotlight he gets right now.

‘The coach in the 23s at Bologna always told me I am this kind of player who can arrive and smash it’, he said. ‘He told me I am big, tall and fast. I studied this and I know this can be my strength and this can help when the opponent tries to switch play. I am trying to do my best and bring my personality to the team’.

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He played 16 matches this season, and that was the perfect way to make up for his absence in the FA Cup.

‘I was excited because one of my dreams was to play in the final and try and win the FA Cup’, he said. ‘But unfortunately for me, I couldn't play. I couldn't say nothing. This was the choice of the coach. My aim was just to be ready. I couldn't complain. I was excited as I wanted to play in the final. I wasn't upset. I know this is football. I knew if we were to make something we had to make it together’.

Perhaps Masina deserves more chance to show his full potential - and he must work hard to get his shot.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA