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Jun 30, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Armand Traoré Says Transfer to Rizespor Ruined His Career

Defender Armand Traore ended his stint in England when he left Nottingham Forest. Unfortunately, his transfer to Rizespor has been unsuccessful.

He only managed to play one match for the club’s senior team. He was an unused substitute in nine matches before he was demoted to the Under-23s lineup that the club has. He has claimed that he was promised the world but he was not given what was promised.

He had an offer from another Turkish club in Fenerbahçe but he chose to play for Rizespor because he saw a future with the team because he had the skills to become a starter. Unfortunately, it was not in his favour.

He said, ‘In 2017/18, I went up to the Premier League with Cardiff City. That summer, I signed in Turkey, at Rizespor. They sold me a dream, telling me that after a season if I helped the team well, I would go to Fenerbahçe. I was fooled’.

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The lack of playing time was not the only problem that he experienced during his time with Rizespor because he has also said that there were salary issues as well. He also alleges that the team made petty decisions throughout his one-year stint with the club.

Traoré said, ‘They had to pay me a good part of my salary before I arrived for the preparation course. They didn’t pay me for months and months. I took a lawyer to send letters to the club. They did not like that. They decided to release me, ban me from the training centre, and sent me with the under-23s’.

This is a new perspective on the curious situation that he was in during his stint with the squad. Many people speculated that he had attitude issues when he was with the squad which led to his benching and transfer to the junior lineup.

The team tried to sell him to other teams but no one was willing to take him off the hooks. Rizespor was forced to let go of Traoré because they needed to abide by the rules on the number of foreign players registered on the team. They signed other foreign players in the transfer window which led to Traoré’s departure.

He ultimately returned to Cardiff City on a short-term contract but he was also released from his deal without playing a single game.

Traoré has also detailed that he was not treated well by the coaching staff because he had limited training sessions with the club. He said, ‘I sometimes even trained alone. In an international week, when everyone was off, I was asked to come and train, alone on a field. I was denied permissions to return to see my family. It ruined my career signing there’.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA