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Feb 19, 2020, 6:42:00 AM

Atlético Madrid Shuts Out Liverpool

Atlético Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 on their home turf, Metropolitano Stadium.

A classic Atlético Madrid performance was enough to beat the consensus best team in the world. Saúl Ñíguez scored a massive goal in the early parts of the game, then used their trademark suffocating defence en route to an important victory.

Saul said after the game, ‘This is the result of hard work and what happens when you never stop believing but keep on going. We have kept on working even though no one believes in us and wants to bring us down. I celebrated the goal with so much passion because I was so up for the game, we have been criticised a lot but luckily I was able to help us out’.

Atlético’s defence prevented Liverpool from attempting shots on target. Atlético manager Diego Simeone was very happy with the result, ‘It’s not the best night ever because we didn’t win a trophy. But there are nights you don’t forget. The best team in the world came here, and we beat them. But it’s only one game. We still have one to go’.

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Coming in as the favourites, many expected Liverpool to go on the offence immediately but ironically Atlético was the more aggressive club at the start of the match. Ñíguez’s goal was reminiscent of what Mohamed Salah and the other Liverpool strikers do on a regular basis.

Atlético had a chance to extend their goal lead to two in the 26th minute. Álvaro Morata had his shot blocked by Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker. Two attempts from Salah were thwarted, the first was ruled an offside and the other was denied by Atlético’s Felipe.

Liverpool had control of the ball for most of the game but Atlético’s suffocating defence was just too much for the English side. Their manager, Jürgen Klopp expected the hard match but reminds the people that the war is not yet over, ‘It was not exactly what should happen but it happened. It was the fight we expected and the atmosphere we expected but I love so many parts of our game. It is only 1-0 down at half time and the second half we play at our stadium’.

Atlético Madrid and Liverpool will face off once again on the 11th of March at Liverpool’s Anfield.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA