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Austria rout North Macedonia in 3-1 win
Jun 14, 2021, 3:32:00 AM

Austria rout North Macedonia in 3-1 win

Austria came up with a strong start in the Euro tourney by beating North Macedonia in a 3-1 affair. It was a huge moment for the team as they earned their first Euro win to begin with. The team is set to be one of the big shockers in the next set of games.

Subs came in big for Austria as they played well from start to finish. NM did not stand a chance as they were held to just mere attempts and it seemed to be a good look for the team when they needed to win big. 

Stefan Lainer first took a shot in the 18th minute to give Austria their 1-0 lead to start off the game. It was a strong finish at the box and it looked way too easy for the team as they didn’t have much problem in doing so.

NM clapped back quickly and found a way to score in just 10 minutes. Goran Pandev answered with a goal in the 28th minute - a quick attack to the left side before earning an open look that gave him a chance to tie the game at 1-1.

After that start in the first half, both teams had to rely on defence as the game was scoreless all the way to the next half. Austria kept on attacking for most of the game and yet there was a set of missed goals for both sides until the 70-minute mark.

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Michael Gregoritsch and Marko Arnautovic scored late goals for Austria in the 78th and 89th minute as they finally went to take over the game. It was a big finish for the team as they never looked back to wrap up their first game.

Austria looked well for this win. They had 10 shots and six of those were almost at the bottom of the net. They also held the ball for 64% and made a total of 557 passes to get 83% accuracy. This was a strong game for the side and they have shown a good performance.

The team now stands with the Netherlands at the top of Group C with this win. They are eager to keep on moving forward after the game. They want to make sure they stay on track and keep on winning more games down the stretch.

Austria coach Franco Foda was pleased with the result and tipped his hat off to his subs. The squad played well and did not look back after scoring.

‘Above all, the subs really paid off’, the coach said. ‘Gregoritsch and Arnautovic gave the team a new impulse. Overall I think it was a deserved win’.

Austria is now set to bring the same pace into their next game as the team hopes to keep their level of play alive. They need to stay hot if they want to move to the next round.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA