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Mar 26, 2020, 4:02:00 AM

Battle of the Strikers: Kane vs Aguero

An all-around striker versus a pure-scorer type striker. Tottenham’s best going up against Manchester City’s. With the game on the line, make your pick.

Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City. Two clubs that changed the landscape of the Premier League’s Big Four into the Big Six. With this change comes a new set of challengers ready to take their team to the ultimate victory: the Premier League title. Two players have taken up the challenge: Harry Kane for Tottenham, Sergio Aguero for Manchester City.

The Spurs’ Harry Kane is a player that many would classify as cool, calm, and collected. Whatever a situation calls for a specific type of play, he’s already three steps ahead. From the throw-in to the cross to the goal, he’s already planned it all out. Being a strategist has its strengths and weaknesses. For one, he’s good at reading his opponent’s defence. On the other end of the spectrum, he’s less likely to find the net.

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Compare him to City’s Sergio Aguero and it’s not difficult to see why Aguero has the upper hand. Sure, strikers thrive when they’re in the box, but even fewer strikers long for the moment when a cross or corner kick comes their way. Aguero’s a natural-born striker - if finding the net is what you need, give him the ball and step back. But being an offensive powerhouse also has its drawbacks. He isn’t exactly great at passing and his defence is next to none.

In terms of stats, Kane has been able to convert 20.37% of the shots he attempted for a total of 17 goals. Aguero meanwhile has found the net 23.53% of the time for a total of 23 goals. As a striker, what matters most is the conversion rate inside the box. Aguero converted 62.5% of his attempts while Kane was could only find the net 55.56% of the time. Aguero has a clear advantage over Kane in this department - but the latter has an ace up his sleeve.

Remember, Kane’s a strategist. This means that he’s able to make passes with minimal risks. Kane’s passes only pose a 20% chance of getting intercepted. This is a big factor when compared to Aguero’s 47%.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA