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Benzema Makes a Bold Statement Regarding La Liga Title
Jan 30, 2020, 6:29:00 AM

Benzema Makes a Bold Statement Regarding La Liga Title

Madrid’s captain has made a strong claim after a tough draw against Valencia last year.

Karim Benzema’s confidence flowed through his veins after making a bold claim following a dramatic draw against Valencia which saw him come up with a game-saving equaliser last year. He seems more determined to lead the team into glory this season.

Benzema actually saved his team from falling away in the race to the top spot when the team nearly lost a game which could have given Barcelona a firm hold on the top spot of the table.

Benzema went through left and right, then found his way in as he slipped past through defenders before making that big goal to keep Madrid level on points with their rivals Barcelona at the top of the table.

After hitting the equaliser, Benzema seemed to have quick realizations and came up with a message right after the game.

‘I want to win this league title and, if I can help my team-mates with play and with words, I will do it’, said Benzema, who only needs one more goal to tie with La Liga's leading scorer Lionel Messi this season. ‘I'm the third captain and I have to help. I think it's a good point for us. It could be important for the rest of the league campaign as we look to do well’.

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‘What has changed compared to other seasons is the number of goals. I always try to help the team on the pitch and I have a lot of confidence in myself’, Benzema continued. ‘The help of my team-mates is also important to me because they give me the ball and set up chances for me to score more goals’.

Benzema’s promise surely sounds like a warning to all Madrid opponents, especially Barcelona. The team would then face Lionel Messi and his gritty squad in the El Clasico. Some may say that his vow was surely timely prior to the match.

Madrid and Barcelona are tied once more in the top spot of La Liga’s table. Both teams have 35 points during that time, but Barcelona has one more win over Madrid. Both teams are coming off a frustrating draw in their last game while winning four of the last five.

The El Clasico match between the two teams was originally set back in October. It has been moved to December after a separatist rally in the Catalan capital deemed the place unsafe to host the highly-anticipated game between the two rivals.

‘With everything we did, I think we deserved to score a goal that compensated with the effort of the team’, says Benzema. ‘Football is like this and you can’t complain. You have to accept what football gives you’.

The El Clasico then ended in a tough, scoreless draw. Benzema’s promise is still on despite that draw. He is still determined to fulfill his promise of bringing Madrid to its La Liga glory.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA