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Best teams in Group B to win in the European Championships
Jun 9, 2021, 4:43:00 AM

Best teams in Group B to win in the European Championships

With the Group B games coming in for the European Championships, it is easy to expect a huge set of matches in the next few weeks. After all, there are many twists and turns in football, and the coming contest is not new on that note.

Denmark, Finland, Belgium, and Russia are all set to square off in the coming Group Stages for the European Championships tourney. Both Denmark and Russia are the set hosts for this Group, meaning all games will be played in stadiums of both countries. 

This spells a huge task for Finland - the only side in this group to enter its maiden run at the contest this year. 

Looking at the teams, it seems Belgium is the heavy pick to stay at the top of the group this time. However, the group remains competitive. All four sides have a strong squad to play with, and perhaps this makes it bigger for the rest of the games.

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Belgium’s chances

Making it to Group B was not much of a problem for Belgium. With 40 goals and just three given away in return, the team was perfect 10 for 10 in their past games. Russia was set aside in the same group and coach Roberto Martinez knows how to tweak his side depending on the side they are playing.

They do have some small flaws, but it is nothing they could not handle since they have a flexible roster so far. While they have some issues in Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard, the rest of the roster is still capable of winning big games.

Denmark in a nutshell

Denmark comes into this group with a lot of grit after winning all three games in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. The team has scored 14 goals and allowed none. However, their opponents in this group are not at the same level as Israel, Moldova, and Austria - the ones they beat in the qualifiers.

Kasper Schmeichel’s defence along with Andreas Christensen will surely be a big boost. Thomas Delaney leading the midfield is also a win for them. Kasper Hjulmand’s success as a coach is on display, and it will be tested this time.

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Russia’s quiet hopes

Russia has upped its roster since making it to the last eight of the 2018 World Cup. Keeper Igor Akinfeev’s experience is missed, but coach Stanislav Cherchesov’s new boys in the roster could be a threat at the very least.

Russia has what it takes to win as Anton Shunin is set to start in goal, and Igor Diveyev along with Roman Yevgenyev is a threat to deal with for any side. This boosts Russia’s hopes in the next set of games too.

Finland’s young run

As the only debutant in the Group, Finland has come a long way since failing to make it to the 2016 edition and so on. After a 2018 run that saw them lose nine matches and tally two draws, landing Markku Kanerva as the coach made them better.

Five years later, they are now ready for their international run. The Finns do have what it takes to win this time, and they are not wasting any moment as they seek to leave their mark right away.

There are a total of six matches to be played in every group, and it will bring out the best of each side as they aim to score a win and move on to the next round of the contest.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

mage: PA