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Betting tips for leg 2 of the Champions League
Mar 9, 2022, 5:20:00 AM

Betting tips for leg 2 of the Champions League

The Champions League (UCL) delivers a lot of intense matches that fans love the most and it is one of the biggest stages of football. Every club brings their best in this tournament, which makes it a perfect pick for punters.

The 2020-21 season ended with a bang when Chelsea pulled off a huge upset at the end of the tourney by beating Manchester City in the final. City won the Premier League title in the same run but fell short to cap off another win in the UCL.

There are a lot of teams that push for their chance in the Champions League. These clubs play hard in the regular season of their respective leagues and hope to finish within the top four of the league table to earn a slot in the tourney’s group stages.

So far, the UCL has turned out to be rewarding not just for teams that have won the tourney, but also for punters who are keen to make the most of their Champions League bets. Here are a few tips and info that can help you make the most out of your UCL 2nd leg bets.

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Betting markets and types in the Champions League you should know

Sportsbet offers a wide array of betting markets and types for you to choose from. Knowing more about them for the said games can be a huge factor when betting. With the huge variety of betting markets and types that you can find, you can maximise your bets.

Here are the top betting types for the Champions League:

    •   Future bets - Betting on upcoming games means placing wagers in advance. You can bet on a certain team to win a given match before it kicks off. There are many bets that can be placed long before the game actually begins.

    •   In-play betting - This is a much bigger betting type for a lot of punters since it offers you a chance to bet on games as it goes. There are a lot of tight games in the Champions League, so it is best to watch them as they happen to make sure you make the best wagers possible. 

A game between Manchester City and Paris SG, for instance, would be a huge battle and it is hard to predict how the match will end. While betting in advance is an option, it would still be wise to place wagers during the game instead.

•   Outright betting - This is plainly betting on which team is going to win the tourney even before the season starts and will be closed as soon as kick-off begins in the first game. This is a huge market loved by a lot of UCL punters since they can bet on both the winning team and the impressive player who would be named as the Champions League MVP.

Betting markets are mainly focused on occurrences that transpire within a game. Here, you can bet on the player who gets to score first, who gets a yellow card, and so on. These are two of the most wagered betting markets that you can find in Sportsbet:

    •   Prop betting - Prop bets are a known wager in most UCL games, especially with a lot of stars on the pitch. It is easy to see bets such as Haaland to score first or Borussia Dortmund to score four goals and so on.

    •   Handicap betting - This is a good market for punters to bet on since elite teams play in this tourney. The only way that the handicap bets will come into play is how big a deficit will the favourite have or how many goals will the underdog have as a headstart in the UCL games.

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Know who the favourites and underdogs are on Champions League games 

Every betting odds, whether it is written in American, fractional, or decimal, all serve the purpose to determine the chances of winning for two teams. This means that bettors should all try to predict the game in their own way while also relying on the betting odds.

There is always the implied probability of a team winning. Most of the time, the odds will lead up with the favourite to win. A favourite in the UCL is mostly a club that has a better record than the opposing team, has gone deeper in the previous edition, and has won better over the other team on a head to head basis. Both squad and individual performances from previous games determine whether the team is a favourite or not.

Underdogs, on the other hand, are the ones placed within the depths of the rankings in the UCL alone. These are all elite teams, but there can be poor records since they are playing with each other. Knowing which is the favourite and the underdog is a great start to winning bets.

Not only does the odds show you the teams most likely to win a match or not, they also give bettors an idea on how much they can win with their bet. Betting on favourites on Sportsbet will give you lesser winnings compared to when you bet on underdogs but chances are, the former is more likely to happen.

The odds do not eliminate the chances of an upset, which means there is always more to expect every game, especially in a tourney such as the Champions League. Sportsbet will always give you the best odds for both teams, but it will be up to you to decide how your bets will go.

Top teams to bet on in the Round of 16 (2nd Leg) of the Champions League

The second leg of the Champions League sees a lot of teams playing on the big stage. The 2nd Leg of the Round of 16 is clearly a huge sight to behold with teams playing at the top of their game.

Champions League teams are fierce and know no bounds when it comes to putting up the biggest battles out there. Some of the Champions League 2nd leg fixtures are even hyped to go for more than stoppage time, which means there is still more to expect from each team to win.

Here are some of the best teams to bet on in the Round of 16 of the Champions League:

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is expected to be one of the leading teams in the UCL as the club also treads for its push in the Bundesliga. The Bavarians are keen to leave their mark in the Champions League as well. The club won the 2020 title in the UCL and completed a treble in the same season. They are hoping to wrap up the 2021-22 season with a bang by winning both the Bundesliga and the Champions League.

Robert Lewandowski still remains the biggest threat to any team in the game. The star striker has always found ways to score, and his success over the years made him a lethal scorer that Bayern has in its pockets.

RB Salzburg

The top dogs of Austria are still one of the strongest teams to face in the Champions League. Salzburg has always found success as they did in the past decade. The team has sustained a strong pace in both the UCL and the Austrian Bundesliga, which only shows how versatile they are.

Noah Okafor’s midfield skills have lifted the team’s propelled success in the UCL. The rising star is slowly learning his place as the new field general for the club.

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Manchester City

Manchester City is one of the teams that has an edge in the Champions League 2nd Leg odds. The club came close to a title finish in the 2020-21 edition, and now they are gunning it hard to get a chance to get back in the final.

Both Riyad Mahrez and Raheem Sterling have done a great job to propel City to a big win in the past few years. They are still two of the top dogs to look out for, and there is no denying that they can have a strong impact at any given game.

Manchester United

Manchester United’s hype continues to live up to its promise. The Red Devils proved to be one of the strongest fronts in the Prem, and their run in the UCL has proven it well so far. The team has also done a great job to stay on par with some of the biggest teams in the competition. 

The Red Devils still pack a punch and can carve their way back into the league standings while also ensuring their chances in the UCL. Cristiano Ronaldo is still a force to be reckoned with, and his presence on the field together with Paul Pogba only shows more to expect when it comes to their attack. 

Atletico Madrid

Atleti has been on a mission to grind for more wins in the 2021-22 season after an abrupt start to the run. Since then, the team has found ways to thrive even without their best stars hampered by injuries. 

The club stands as one of the biggest threats in the UCL and their grit may even give them a chance to blow past the Round of 16. Jan Oblak’s defence has been a huge front for the team. His success on blocking shots when it mattered the most was a big win that the team has enjoyed en route to their 2020-21 title win in La Liga.


Chelsea is keen to go for back to back titles in the 2021-22 season. The Blues would love to take their chance and ensure that they cement their legacy. After a huge revamp in their roster in the 2020 run, the club has gone from being one of the worst top-five clubs all the way to being a title contender.

The Blues have a lot of talent to offer. They have worked hard to build a strong team chemistry and the 2021 run was proof that it worked well for them. On top of that, Chelsea’s strong presence in the UCL shows why they are one of the best teams in the competition.

Christian Pulisic continues to thrive as a lead scorer for the Blues. Kai Havertz has also learned his role well as one of the secondary lead stars in the club. All have turned out for the best with the two stars at the helm.

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Paris SG

Signing Lionel Messi was a huge move that no one expected from the club, and now they are reaping the benefits of having one of the best scorers in the game. Along with the combo of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar, Paris SG is a good lock for punters to place their bets on.

Inter Milan

Inter Milan’s success in the Italian Serie A can be attributed to both Arturo Vidal and Lautaro Martinez. The two stars are also seen as the favourites to score big for the club in most Champions League betting tips. 

Betting has always been a part of culture across different sports leagues, especially the Champions League. Fans join the hype of betting to make their viewing experience more fun. To win your wagers, it all starts with learning the best strategies and having proper knowledge of the markets you can bet on.

The Champions League is a tough tourney, and teams need to do their best to prove that they can go up against the best of them all. This is why the league is clearly a great option to bet on.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

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