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Bettors' guide to Brazil Serie A betting: Tips to increasing success
Jan 28, 2022, 5:19:00 AM

Bettors' guide to Brazil Serie A betting: Tips to increasing success

The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A is a Brazilian professional football league that is regarded as one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world. Perhaps the sport as a whole has plenty to do with that, but the main contributor is its competitive nature.

While several football leagues are competitive in their own rights, the Brazilian league has championed 5 title winners in the past 10 years. This means that not one single team has been dominating for over a decade which makes the games more exciting to watch. 

For football punters, it turns the playing field into an interesting battleground of teams that are competing for the title. If anything, a competitive atmosphere in a league like Brazil Serie A encourages punters to analyse games more carefully and think of better wagering strategies to win. 

When it comes to Brazil Serie A betting, the excitement level goes through the roof that provides players with every good reason to wager on their favourite teams. 

So, here are the best Brazil Serie A betting tips to learn for you to increase your chances of winning crucially competitive games in the league. These strategies will help you enhance your betting experience as well.

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Developing a good betting IQ

Making smart Brazil Serie A predictions in a manner that only pros can do is one learning curve that adds to your betting IQ. 

Developing a sound betting IQ not only gets you better at picking teams and players wisely in matches but also prevents you from making rookie mistakes. For instance, blindly betting on teams and players without context can lead to potential losses.

After many losses due to lack of experience in betting and research, you’ll be discouraged from placing bets. When in fact, betting on the most competitive football league is a lot of fun especially if you already know the ins and outs of placing your wagers. 

To become a pro punter, you need to conduct proper research, analyse theories, and read several insights to boost your chances of winning. While it sounds like a chore at first, learning leads to unconsciously enjoying the process at the same time. 

You may not notice it at first, but it’s certainly a great way to know each aspect of the betting. For instance, one of the more interesting parts of being a punter is learning how the Brazil Serie A betting odds work. 

In football, the consensus is the number of wagers placed at a certain sportsbook. Within the confines of the sportsbook are odds that bookmakers come up for every match. 

The goal for a punter is to interpret these odds and be critical of them while watching Brasileiro league and placing bets. While odds do make sense and have proved throughout history that the favourites win more often than not, high betting IQ punters should realise that recently the league has been incredibly competitive. 

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Bet on the best teams in the Brasileiro Serie A

It should go without saying that fans make the best punters. They watch the games and are devoted to their favourite teams and players. With that in mind, they can make decisions quickly for a competitive league like the Brazil Serie A. 

When punters watch the games more, they tend to see which Brazil Serie A teams are better. However, some may argue that looking at the records alone should tell you all you need to know about the teams and players in the league. This can’t be since there are intangibles to consider when betting on who will win a certain match.

For example, a team may be great on record but are plagued with injuries and locker room issues. Problems like these don’t show up in the stat sheets. But by watching the games live and religiously following the stories of each team, you’ll know more than what an average punter knows.

If a team that’s consistently in the top standings every season is matched up against an inferior club, then a regular viewer of the sport can make the safe assumption that the former wins.

For the most part, better teams tend to do well during games. However, there are tendencies for even the best teams to falter at crucial moments due to blunders.

In a competitive league like Brasileiro Serie A, blunders do happen more consistently and underdog wins are not uncommon to the fans. In fact, Brazil Serie A winners history has proven time and again that even worse teams put up a fight against the greatest players and clubs. 

The stat sheets and records don’t reflect the greatness of a team. Especially in the highly competitive Brazil Serie A league, anyone can beat anybody. 

The biggest takeaway you should be aware of is betting on the best teams requires watching the games more and paying attention to the sports news about Brazilian football. This is also to see beyond what’s on the surface. 

Currently, here are the rankings of the top five Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A football clubs in the table:

    •   Atletico Mineiro

    •   Flamengo

    •   Palmeiras

    •   Fortaleza

    •   Corinthians 

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Bet on the best players in the Brasileiro Serie A 

Just like betting on the best teams, frequently watching the sport allows you to grasp why they are regarded as such. One of the biggest reasons for a lot of team’s success is the players who are playing in those clubs. 

For the most part, having the best player on the team allows the club to be the best as well. While it’s certainly not the case all the time, the record shows that the highest-performing athletes in the league tend to contribute wins for their football clubs. 

There are teams, however, that have great players but are losing games. There could be a multitude of reasons for this like bad management, coaching, and players not fitting into the club’s system. 

This is another reason why you should be paying more attention to the games themselves rather than looking at numbers alone. There could be 2 or 3 great players in a single club but are struggling to earn wins. 

These 2 players’ play styles may not fit well and require a major overhaul of the roster. While the top players get wins for the most part. It’s wise to observe each club to ensure that the chemistry is there between all working pieces in a given team. 

So, how do you determine a good player? For starters, look at their accomplishments. When one has multiple player of the year awards, titles, and goals, then it’s pretty clear that said player is incredible on the field. 

One way of looking at a great player is how he contributes to a team. They may not have the most dazzling careers, but if they contribute to the defensive side of the game, then they are more than helping their teams win. 

There are a lot of perspectives to look at when describing a great player. These all boil down to how they can help their teams win. With that being said, here is a ranking of the best players in Brazil Serie A according to market value:

    •   Gabriel Barbosa

    •   Danilo

    •   Patrick de Paula

    •   Giorgian de Arrascaeta

    •   Gabriel Menino

    •   Gabriel Veron

    •   Matias Zaracho

    •   Dudu

    •   Pedro

    •   Yuri Alberto

Research more through articles to know the full story of each team and player

Suppose you don’t have the time to tune in to every single live Brazil Serie A game, then it’s best to research instead. While researching, try to look at predictions and signings that shift a club’s odds of making it as the top team on the table. 

Also, look at the previous champions and learn how those clubs won their title. This includes learning what each one’s unique characteristics are that set them apart from the rest. This way, you can find the same qualities in existing teams that can be champions by the end of the season. 

In football, especially in the Brazilian league, two general qualities make a club contending for a title: Their defence and coaching. If these are two present, then a football club can go a long way during the season.

There are also a lot of articles that provide great information about the latest storylines in the Brazil Serie A league. Whether it be injury reports, trading blocks, or general football news in management and agency, you can find valuable information for your betting endeavours.

When betting on which team to win, you need to have at least some context coming into the game that will lead you to a better decision. Without this context, you are simply betting blindly which negates the whole purpose of strategically wagering on the best team. 

Aside from league-specific articles, you can also find betting centric articles about the Brazil Serie A league. This means that you can find relevant articles that talk about how punters use their knowledge to win games.

Know the competition format

Part of the reason why you should learn more about the Brazil Serie A league to increase your success when betting is that the structure of the whole competition may be too complex for you.

It’s also integral that you know how the championship games are constructed and how each team gets qualified to participate in such tournaments. 

In Brazil Serie A, there are 20 clubs in a single season. The official season starts in May and ends in December. Each club plays each other twice under the double round-robin system. It is where every team gets to play against all other teams. Once in their home court and another at their opponents’ stadiums. 

This all equates to a 38 game season where teams receive 3 points for each win they generate and a single point for draws. Clubs are ranked according to their total points, wins, goal differentials, and goals scored. 

After the season ends, the club with the most number of points earns the title of champions. Should two or more clubs have equal points, the following rules apply:

If a tie is between more than two teams not competing for a title or relegation, then said tie is broken using the games the clubs played against one another during the season:

    •   Most games won

    •   Total goal differential

    •   Total goals scored

    •   Head-to-head record where the away goals rule apply in effect when only two clubs are considered into account.

If it is still a tie, the winner will then be determined by the Fair Play scales in which:

    •   The fewest yellow cards are incurred during the season.

    •   The fewest red cards are incurred during the season.

    •   For championship, relegation, or other qualifying competitions that ended with a tie, the Fair Play scale won’t be taken into consideration. Instead, a play-off match will take place. Otherwise, the drawing of lots will determine the final rankings.

As you can see, knowing this information first-hand will allow you to strategically place bets if there is a tie.

When you can properly predict ties to happen while familiarising yourself with how the league treats games that end with ties, then you can place wagers more confidently and even win in the process.

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Qualifications for international competitions

Sometimes, the league can go out of its own structure and have teams participating in international tournaments. This adds dimensions to your betting experience that make the experience much more unique.

From 2016, the top 6 clubs in the league will qualify for the Copa Libertadores. The top 4 clubs enter a group stage while the fifth and sixth best clubs enter the second round. The number of teams may increase depending on who wins the Copa do Brasil, Copa Sudamericana, or the Copa Libertadores.

Moreover, the top 7 to 12 teams will qualify for the Sudamericana, although that depends on other competitions. To qualify for any of these tournaments, teams must vye to hold their ranking positions in the table.

With how competitive the league has been for the past decade, these rankings change all the time until it gets finalised by the end of the season. Veteran punters know this for a fact, and it makes everything better due to its arbitrary nature.

Not only will it fill in the excitement on who can qualify for the internationals, but it can also hype up the eventual tournaments held outside of Brazil. This means more crucial games that contribute to the fun in betting.

Final say

That must be a lot of information to take in, but rest assured, time and experience will help you improve on your betting skills and increase your chances of winning. Punters love betting on the Brazil Serie A league because they always have something to learn each season. 

With how competitive each club gets each year, there’s no telling who wins the title and advances to the international tournaments. 

There’s no question that the Brazil Serie A league is one of the hardest football leagues to bet on, but where’s the fun if it were easy all the time. The beauty of being a punter for a difficult sport is you’ll get to learn from your mistakes and get better at every bet. Remember that you are also in it for the experience just as much as winning the bets you make.

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