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Bitcoin Sports Fanatics League - Round 5 Recap
Apr 10, 2024, 5:20:00 PM

Bitcoin Sports Fanatics League - Round 5 Recap

Round 5 games are over and this round was sort of right in middle, difficulty wise. Most of the teams managed to get 3-5 correct answers while we had some outliers breaking out on both sides. Not going to mention underperformers but it is always nice to single out good results. We only had two teams with 6 correct answers this round so big congratulations to execijutiere and Trofo. See how I managed to congratulate myself, prime media manipulation and grab for exposure :)

Round 5 - Recap

Division 1
Big derby between cls63 and jayce ended up in a friendly 2:2 draw, must admit I expected a bit more of attacking prowess in this duel but I guess it was a game where not losing was more important than actually winning. Slissy took advantage of the points split and leapfrogged to the top of Division 1 after winning his duel with darxiaomi. On the other end of the table slackovic is the only team without a point so far. Time to do a manager change or something else to wake the team up and kick start the season. Otherwise we could have a second relegated team sooner than expected.

Division 2
Cryptofrka is putting in the work in Division 2 and he has quietly made his way to the top. Seems like early promotion claim for the rest of the league. Still early days and many teams congested in couple of points. Big 5:2 win for Saint-loup against Igebotz which puts him just behind cryptofrka on goal difference. Bottom of the table is reserved for dbshck, a team that did not show up to the game in Round 5 due to technical difficulties. This is their 2nd breach of rules and I really hope administrative duties in the club will be taken more seriously in future. Would be a shame to lose a team in Division 2.

Division 3
I got blamed for media bias after my previous article since I am apparently not giving enough space in my articles to division 3. I tried to explain that it is perfectly normal to talk more about higher leagues since that is what the supporters are watching and where money is made but it fell on deaf ears. Maybe rightfully, so I will be giving a bit more space to Division 3 at least occasionally.

Entebah is still on top of Div 3A even though he lost first points this week in 4:4 draw against BitcoinHunt3r. Execijutiere and Kokee44 with monster wins in this round, those will go a long way towards securing promotion play off for them. We also have first casualty, Navidart is out of the competition due to missing the deadline 3 times.

Shogun47 is leading Div 3B after getting 3 points against team woodie that did not show up for the game. He is followed closely by goodpunt and Patikno, both managed important wins in this round. On other end of the table Woodie and LFC_Bitcoin are getting a bit separated from the rest but it is still early days and more than enough time to clinch promotion playoff spot if they start winning.

Round 6 - Preview

Questions are live and with Champions League back we are spoiled for choice where it comes to top football games. In addition to European football there is some league football, one basketball and one Tennis question in the mix. This time there is merit to wait and see how top seeds will start in Monaco but I still recommend answering early rather than forgetting to send answers. Penalties are hard and odds for favorites to drop out today are negligible.

This time we don’t have a proper derby by league rankings but we have some interesting games for sure. Slissy is taking on buwaytress in a duel between Sportsbet and bitcointalk legend. I know I am rooting for team buwaytress here due to entirely selfish reasons. We also have strong duels in notblox1 vs. darxiaomi match and Trofo vs vd309 match while cls63 should have an easy job on paper against pointless slackovic team.

Division 2 has many interesting games which should help us get some points separation on the table. Maybe strongest pairing is duel between cryptofrka and imarios. That one should be a real test to see how serious my colleague is in getting that promotion. Igebotz will try to change his form against jeremypwr. Little bird told me there will be more on stake here than just league points so I will be following this one for sure.

We should get some good football in Rikafip vs. Execijutiere match, both teams in the top of the table and playing in great form. Div 3B looks like easy job for favorites on the paper but I am sure at least one team from shogun47, goodpunt and Patikno will have big problems proving that on field.

Telegram chat

We have our own telegram room on Sportsbet channel, visit us in BSFL/Fantasy section. This week dedicated chat session will be our usual slot. Join me on Friday at 5 PM GMT for all things BSFL and a chance for free bet.

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