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Bitcoin Sports Fanatics League - Round 6 Recap
Apr 18, 2024, 7:00:00 AM

Bitcoin Sports Fanatics League - Round 6 Recap

Rounds are coming fast and we are already finished with one third of the season. Same favorites are emerging and some teams are still looking for their first points. Round 6 was generally high scoring one with vast majority of teams scoring 3-5 correct answers. On the other hand, nobody got more than 6 correct answers so we had quite low points ceiling. Big wins in round like this are worth double for the goal difference boost they bring.

Round 6 - Recap

Division 1
Cls63 was the big winner of round 6 in top division, he won his duel 5:1 against indisposed team slackovic. That goal difference will come handy and other results have fallen perfectly for him since most of the top teams lost or drew their games. We had two high scoring draws in notblox1 vs. Darxiaomi game and Trofo vs. vd309 game. One more game I want to single out is a big 6:3 win for team mv1986, a result that puts them right up there to contest top positions.

Dvision 2
Fine margins on the top of division are best illustrated by team cryptofrka this week. One 3:3 draw against team imarios was enough to see him drop from the top to position 4 in the league. Saint-loup, ralle14 and LTU_btc all winning their duels and using the opportunity to leapfrog him in the table. On the other end of the table Jinetics1111 and especially dbshck are starting to fall behind and are becoming prime relegation candidates. Time to start getting some points sooner than later.

Division 3
Rikafip won his duel against execijutiere in another dominant performance and took top of the Div 3A. Seems like he really needed to pay that evil fee to unlock his full BSFL potential. Still early days but I think his cased proved our decision with evil fee was the right move forward. B1g4udge with huge 6-2 win against BitcoinHunt3r is worth mentioning as well as first points for CharafChenina even though they came without fight.

Shogun47 is running away with Div 3B, 5 points clear on the top this early really is exceptional. This is the only Division where leader has any sort of advantage and that showcases how hard it is to accomplish lead like this. LFC_Bitcoin with good performance in his 5:4 win against Patikno, he will need to keep that form to catch up to promotion playoff places. Woodie getting left behind at the bottom with just 1 point in 5 games.

Round 7 – Preview

Questions are live and we are going strong with Champions League once again. There is also usual tennis question but this time none of the favorites is playing before the deadline so there is no point to wait before submitting answers. This time we also have a real fringe sport question with London Marathon. Looking forward to see who is the expert for this one, I know I will be picking the answer blindly here.

Division 1 opens up with a banger, we have a duel between Slissy and notblox1, 2nd placed and 3rd placed teams in the top division, guaranteed top tier performance if there ever was any. League leader, cls63 should have an easier job on paper, so this is the week where we could see him run away from the pack a bit. Plenty of interesting games around but no space to mention them all here, I will be keeping one eye on slackovic to see if this is the round where he earns his first points of the season.

We have a derby in Division 2 as well, LTU_btc is taking on cryptofrka in a match that will tell us a lot about placement in the top of the table. Jeremypwr is doing everything in his power to motivate his team to achieve prompt return to Division 1, offering side bets left and right to make players even more focused. That is proper commitment.

Seems like this is the round of derbies. In Div 3A we have entebah vs. B1g4udge match and in Div3B we have goodpunt vs. shogun47 match. Both duels between top ranked teams and both games well worth checking out. Plenty of other interesting duels as well but they are overshadowed by top team’s derby games in this round.

Telegram chat

We have our own telegram room on Sportsbet channel, visit us in BSFL/Fantasy section. This week dedicated chat session will be our usual slot. Join me on Friday at 4 PM GMT for all things BSFL and a chance for free bet.

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