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Bitcoin Sports Fanatics League - Round 7 Recap
Apr 23, 2024, 8:00:00 AM

Bitcoin Sports Fanatics League - Round 7 Recap

Round 7 is behind us and this one marks half way point for our season. All the leagues are incredibly close and big results immediately propel teams up the ranks. This week cls63 did a tremendous job with monster score of 8 correct answers out of 10 questions. Half-way mark also means it is time for BSFL Cup to start. You can read more about the cup after our customary review by divisions.

Round 7 - Recap

Division 1
Already mentioned cls63 is topping Division 1 after his 8:5 win against strongkored. Three points clear on top with best goal difference in the league – he is definitely the team to beat this season. Strongkored could feel a bit hard done with this result. It isn't often that someone gets 5 correct answers and loses the duel. Our derby game between mv1986 and jayce went to mv1986 side with 7:4 result. Big score for mv1986, this one propelled him directly behind our league leader. Seems like division one is going to be incredibly close up top this season, fact that is best showcased by three teams behind the league leader that are all on 16 points and separated only by goal difference. Also worth mentioning is the first win for slackovic this season, it was about time for him to start clawing his way back from the bottom of the table.

Division 2
Saint-loup and LTU_btc are continuing their dominance in Division 2. Both managed important wins this round. While win from Saint-loup was maybe predictable, LTU_btc did an amazing job in derby game against cryptofrka. This one was a cagey affair since 3:2 result is among the lowest one among all the divisions. Shut out to Jinetics1111 and imarios, both scored amazing 6 correct answers this week and recorded comfortable wins against their opponents. On the other end of the table we have dbshck, the only team on 0 points across all leagues. High time for him to start turning the season around.

Division 3
We had several good performances in Division 3A: entebah, Kokee44 and CharafChenina all getting 5 correct answers and winning their duels. Rikafip is still on top of the division followed closely by Kokee44 and entebah. Seems like the Division champion will be one of these teams since they have started to put up some distance from the chasing pack.

Shogun47 is running away in Division 3B. This round he recorded another comfortable win and now he has 6 points clear on top. Big wins for Patikno and ILuckyGuyI are definitely worth a mention here. They scored 7 and 6 correct answers in their duels but their opponents fought hard and those amazing results were enough just for close wins.

We reached half way point in our season and that means start for BSFL cup. Format is same as in previous years – 32 teams’ knockout bracket. To get there with 54 players we have in the BSFL currently we need one qualifying round.

10 first placed teams from the Division 1 are free in qualifying round while other 44 teams will battle it out for 22 remaining positions. Draws are totally random without seeded teams so that means nice opportunity for lower division teams to get some big rewards.

As usual in the early cup rounds we have 5 regular questions per round plus 1 penalty question to handle draws. That means we are having double rounds and this week we will have both qualifying round and Round 1 of the cup.

Questions are live and they are usual mix, mostly football plus some American sports and one tennis question from masters in Madrid. No point in waiting this week since masters in Madrid starts on Wednesday, so hurry up and make sure to answer the question in time.

Telegram chat

We have our own telegram room on Sportsbet channel, visit us in BSFL/Fantasy section. This week dedicated chat session will be our usual slot. Join me on Friday at 4 PM GMT for all things BSFL and a chance for free bet.

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