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Bitcoin Sports Fanatics League - Round 9
Dec 27, 2023, 4:10:00 AM

Bitcoin Sports Fanatics League - Round 9

Round 9 is behind us and this one was just a bit easier for our players than usual. That resulted in few high scoring games. Duel between slackovic and darxiaomi was a perfect example of this, slackovic managed to get 6 correct answers which wasn’t enough even for a draw. Bit of tough luck since that score would guarantee him a win in any other Div1 encounter.

Division 1
Derby game between casperBGD and vd309 went on vd309 side which was enough for him to claim top position. Still nothing even remotely finished in this division since there is a lot of teams crowded in just few points. Same goes for the relegation battle which is incredibly close as well. One victory for any of the bottom teams means almost guaranteed jump outside of the relegation places. What to say about people currently occupying bottom of the table? Slissy, darxiaomi, buwaytress, jeremypwr, cryptofrka, slaman29 and LTU_btc are all creme de la creme of gambling on Bitcointalk and I never expected to see them in relegation battle. Just shows how though Division 1 actually is.

Division 2
Notblox1 and chi20 have won their games in this round and their good result coincided with some points droped from chasing pack which resulted in a nice point cushion for them on top of the table. Behind them it is still neck to neck battle for promotion places

Division 3
Imarios recoded another win which now makes it 10/10, domination which hasn’t been seen in BSFL ever before. Really interesting to see if he will manage to finish the season with all wins. Just one game left to set the record that could stay forever. Div 3B is really close with Jinetics1111 topping the table but nearest chasers have a game or even 2 in hand. Still an advantage but one that can be nulified soon.

Round 10 – Preview

Holiday time so there isn’t much sports being played but we still found more than enough good games to make challenging questions. Our questions are of course dominated by Premier league football but there is also some Serie A football, tennis and even one ski jump question.

This will be an interesting round in Divison 1, we have 3 derby games, one top of the table duel where leea-1334 meats mv1986 and two relegation derbies. LTU_btc is playing against slaman29 and cryptofrka is taking on jeremypwr. These games will be worth 6 points and I am expecting all of them to go the distance.

In division 2 we have a game between two very vocal managers Igebotz and notblox1. Must admit, I expected more media statements from these two but I guess holiday spirit had some influence even on these two. Time for bullrun2020bro to start winning some games, not many rounds left and it is never nice to be bottom of the table when season finishes.

Lots of nice games in division 3 but I will be keeping my eyes glued to imarios vs. entebah game. This is the one where imarios has the opportunity to write his name in the history as first team that has won all the games in a season. A feat that will not be easy to repeat.

BSFL chat

We have our own chat room on Sportsbet telegram. I will drop by daily to answer possible questions and check up on you guys. Furthermore, we will have 1 hour dedicated chat on Friday 4 PM GMT this week. Come join me for an hour of BSFL talk and the chance for same free bets. Happy holidays guys.

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