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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Cup Round 1
Aug 7, 2023, 7:00:00 AM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Cup Round 1

This was a week with very little sports on offer so we used the opportunity to squeeze in one more cup round. It is definitely much easier to compose 5 good questions for cup than 10 questions for the league 😊 This time there weren’t any free passes like in qualifiers and everybody had to fight for their spot in next round.

  1. Match 1 : Harkorede vs buwaytress 2-2 (1-3 pen)
  2. Match 2 : chi20 vs hakan2217 3-2
  3. Match 3 : Renato297 vs Rikafip 2-1
  4. Match 4 : vd309 vs ulven 3-4
  5. Match 5 : darxiaomi vs Igebotz 1-2
  6. Match 6 : notblox1 vs famososMuertos 3-2
  7. Match 7 : mitchr4 vs bullrun2020bro 3-4
  8. Match 8 : Woodie vs cls63 2-3
  9. Match 9 : mv1986 vs Ozymandias_DZ 3-1
  10. Match 10 : Navidart vs casperBGD 4-3
  11. Match 11 : jayce vs slaman29 2-3
  12. Match 12 : LTU_btc vs LFC_Bitcoin 1-3
  13. Match 13 : Danydee vs slackovic 3-1
  14. Match 14 : Slissy vs Bonta 3-0
  15. Match 15 : vivekdkhyani vs jeremypwr 2-1
  16. Match 16 : Cryptofrka vs MAAManda 2-5

There was a lot of tough matches but surprisingly only one match went the distance and ended on the penalties, good job Harkorede on keeping the composure to progress trough.

MAAManda had a perfect 5 correct answers this round which is sort of the record. I don't remember anybody in our history with perfect score before, cryptofrka did not stand a chance in this one. LFC_Bitcoin is becoming sort of cup specialists, he is cemented to the bottom of the table in the league but then when cup comes along his performances drastically improve. Maybe it is a tactic to bring some silverware home this season.

Round 8 – Preview

We are back to league round this week and if that wasn’t enough to put a smile on your face, Premier League is starting and we are back to mostly football questions in BSFL. This week football has total dominance with 9 questions, only tennis managed to squeeze with them. After several weeks of fringe sports, we felt that you guys deserve a small break and went with safe picks. That being said this is also the week where there isn’t any American sports, eSports or Formula so it was an obvious decision to make.

We have some interesting duels coming up in round 8. Div 1 is full of derby games; all three top clubs are playing against highly ranked opponents. Any slip up will be expensive and those games will be anything but easy. Jeremypwr is playing against casperBGD, cls63 is taking on Harkorede while our current leader buwaytress will try to get the better of slackovic.

Div 2 leader leea-1334 should have an easy job against bottom of the table strongkored, while I am going to try to take revenge on LFC_Bitcoin, that cup defeat in qualifying round is still sore point in my dressing room. Derby of the round is a game between slaman29 and mv1986, match which will have a big influence on league top for sure.

Div 3A has no real derbies and top teams should continue to rack up wins. There is news about unrest inside DireWolfM14's team and we are eagerly awaiting to see if the team will come to play or continue with strike which is against the rules and will cause them to be kicked out of the league. Div 3B will have some derby games between are regular chat participants and I would keep especially close eye on game between navidart and imarios as well as a game between hakan2217 and vivekdkhyani.

May the better teams win and hopefully we will see some banter both in our club talk chat and in BSFL thread on Bitcointalk forum.

BSFL chat on Clubtalk

We have our room on Clubtalk chat so come and hang in there. I will drop by daily to answer possible questions and check up on you guys. Furthermore, we will have 1 hour dedicated chat session on Thursday 4 PM GMT. Drop by for a chance to get free bets and discuss everything BSFL.