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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Cup Round 1 Recap
Dec 19, 2023, 9:00:00 AM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Cup Round 1 Recap

Cup review:

We have already passed season half point so it was a time for BSFL cup to start. This year there was 50 players eligible so we had a qualifying round. First 14 placed teams from Div 1 were free in this round while remaining 36 teams battled it out. All the games in qualifying round were close ones and several needed penalties to find the winner.

Not going to mention all the games here, I will just point out a couple of teams that managed to get 3/5 correct answers which was enough for them to pass to Round 1. Congrats to Jinetics1111, Hhampuz, notblox1 and IluckyGuyl for strong starts to the competition.

Round 1 was comprised from 14 players that skipped qualifiers and 18 winning teams from qualifying round. This makes it to 32 players positioned in classic knockout bracket. There were no seeded players so we had some strong pairings from the get go. This round was even closer and we needed penalties to resolve almost half of the games. With vast majority of games getting decided on single point.

There are always outliers and this time NaviDart managed to win his game 3:0 and book an early ticket to last 16 stage. LFC_Bitcoin is definitely the team to keep an eye on in the cup, while they often have problems in the league games they are always super dangerous in the cup.

Cup will continue in two weeks and here are all the games that will be played in Round 2 - last 16. Congrats to all players that reached it, you guys deserved it:

  • NavidArt – Hhampuz
  • ralle14 - Ulven
  • famososMuertos – mitchr4
  • Slissy - jayce
  • Renato297 – LTU_btc
  • Chi20 - buwaytress
  • Kokee 44 – IluckyGuyl
  • LFC_Bitcoin – BitcoinHunt3r

Round 9 Preview:

We are back to league games with Round 9 on the way this week. Questions are live with usual deadline. We are once again heavily invested in football since there is not much other sports going on at the moment. We still managed to spice it up with one NBA question and one Darts question. I believe this is first time Darts got included and I am really curious to see if we have some specialists for this sport in our BSFL family.

Division 1
WE have a proper derby in Div 1, casperBGD is being challenged for top position by vd309. This one has everything, table pressure, two teams in form, cool headed managers...Can’t wait to see who will come on top. Many other great games in this division but I will keep my eye on cryptofrka – buwaytress duel. I know both guys personally and there should be some friendly rivalry in this one. Now that I am writing this I can’t believe there isn’t a side bet being made on this one. Come on guys I expect more :).

Division 2

Notblox1 and chi20 are toping the table here and they have strong opponents in this round in Saint-Loup and Kanapka. Favorites are known but I am hoping their opponents have what it takes to steal a couple of points and allow the chaser pack to close the gap.

Division 3

We already have Div 3A champion, congratulations to imarios once more. Should be fun to see if he will now drop the concertation and spill some points or continue in same way and win the league with maximum points, a feat that hasn’t been achieved yet. It is really close behind him and we have a proper fight for play off places. Div 3B is even closer and everything is open there. Should be a much cleaner picture after this round.

Telegram chat

We have our own telegram room on Sportsbet channel, visit us in BSFL/Fantasy section. This week dedicated chat session will be on Friday 5 PM GMT, come join me for all things BSFL and a chance for free bet.

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