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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Cup Round 2&3
Aug 22, 2023, 12:00:00 PM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Cup Round 2&3

This week we had a double cup round with mostly football questions. There were some surprises and even some curve balls but that was nothing our cup specialists couldn’t handle.

Cup Round 2 – Recap

Here is a full recap od second round:

  1. Match 17 : LFC_Bitcoin vs Navidart 2-2 (4-3 pen)
  2. Match 18 : cls63 vs slaman29 2-1
  3. Match 19 : bullrun2020bro vs Renato297 2-1
  4. Match 20 : buwaytress vs notblox1 2-0
  5. Match 21 : mv1986 vs chi20 1-1 (5-4 pen)
  6. Match 22 : MAAManda vs Slissy 2-2 (5-4 pen)
  7. Match 23 : ulven vs vivekdkhyani 0-0 (1-2 pen)
  8. Match 24 : Danydee vs Igebotz 1-2

As you can see from above results, it was really tight in most encounters and we needed penalties to resolve half of the fixtures. But there is no rest in BSFL so our winners immediately had to play next round and prove their match fitness once again.

Cup Round 3 – Quarter Finals – Recap

  1. Match 25 : MAAManda vs Igebotz 4-1
  2. Match 26 : vivekdkhyani vs bullrun2020bro 1-2
  3. Match 27 : LFC_Bitcoin vs buwaytress 3-2
  4. Match 28 : mv1986 vs cls63 3-2

This time there was no need for penalties and I would like to point out almost perfect performance from MAAManda who got 4/5 correct answers, Igebotz had no chance against such attack. In our clash of bitcointalk legends LFC_Bitcoin won against buwaytress. Now I can feel a bit better about losing to LFC twice recently. I know I am cheering for him to take the cup home 😊
This means we only have 4 teams left in the cup and they will have to endure couple of league weeks before we get the winner.

Semi-Final pairs are:

  1. Match 29 : bullrun2020bro vs MAAManda
  2. Match 30 : LFC_Bitcoin vs mv1986

Round 9 - Preview

Round 9 questions are live so make sure to answer them before the deadline, we would really like to avoid penalty points as much as possible. This should be a very interesting round; we have a majority of football questions but we also have Snooker and Athletics for the first time in BSFL. A little bit of everything to level the field as much as possible since we are getting close to league end and stakes are rising each round.

Buwaytress, jeremypwr and cls63 are fighting hard for the title in Div 1 and this round should give our current leader a chance to build the gap on top since jeremypwr is playing against cls63 in the derby match of the whole round. This one will be epic; I just know it.

Leea-1334 already placed one hand on Div 2 trophy but he will have a tough job against inform LFC_Bitcoin team, he is playing way better than his current position would suggest. Cryptofrka, mv1986, slaman29 and me will be hoping for upset while making sure to win our duels. There aren't any real derby games here and whoever drops the points will have a hard time catching up again.

In Div 3A entebah is playing against Saint-loup in a derby game which will probably set the path towards lifting the trophy for the winner. Entebah is the team in form but this will be a proper test for sure. In Div 3B chi20 is running away from the pack and seems like a sure winner. There is a couple of interesting duels that could overspill to our chat where Kokee44 takes over hakan2217 and imarios takes on Jinetics1111.

BSFL chat on Clubtalk

We have our room on Clubtalk chat so come and hang in there. I will drop by daily to answer possible questions and check up on you guys. This week chat will be at 4PM on Thursday, come join for all the latest BSFL news as well as a chance for the free bet.