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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Promotion & Relegation
Feb 27, 2024, 9:00:00 AM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Promotion & Relegation

Promotion & Relegation playoffs recap

Playoffs have been completed and now we have a complete picture of who is going to play in which division for the 4th BSFL season. As predicted, the games were incredibly close and we even needed penalties to find a winner in one leg. Chi20 seems to be a bit of penalty specialist, not easy keeping the cool and getting 5/5 penalties correct.

For Division 1 spot
LTU_btc - chi20 3-3 (3-5 penalties)

For Division 2 spot
arallmuus - MAAManda 5-4

Congratulations to chi20 and arallmuus for securing their respective higher division spots, you deserved it guys.

Division 1
Some great teams got relegated this season, so next season Division 1 will be without slaman29, jeremypwr, cryptofrka and LTU_btc. All very prominent bitcointalk names and they will be missed. I am sure they will not be away from top division for too long.

To replenish the numbers we have some eager teams promoting from Division 2: notblox1, Trofo, strongkored & chi20. Maybe they don't have the forum presence as the ones that got relegated but they are more than making up for it in BSFL knowledge. Of course I am not counting myself as one of those young, knowable teams eager for success. I am more of old experienced hand that got a bit lucky and used the opportunity well :)

Division 2
Relegation battle was raging until last round in this Division as well. In the end Kanapka (disq), bullrun2020bro and famososMuertos have been relegated while arallmuus managed to save his status in playoff.

We will fill their space with Division 3 winners imarios and Hhampuz as well as Division 3 playoff winner Jinetics1111. Would love to give shout out to Hhampuz here, he was the last manager to join BSFL next season and he managed to win promotion in record time.

Division 3
In addition to the known names in this division we have some new blood here as well. Mainly guys that heard about BSFL in our chat channel. So big welcome to B1g4udge, Kara.aa1, yassinmanai and Patikno. Good luck guys and I hope you will like our competition and community we have built around it.

Cup final preview

League is over and that means we only have cup positions to sort through. Here are the duels we will have this week:

Hhampuz - chi20

3rd place: Renato297 – Ulven

While all the spotlight will be on the final match I expect both duels will be very close and exciting until the very end. There is high probability we will see penalty shoot outs once again.

Betting pairs are live on under sports specials section so go there and back up your favorite. My money is Hhampuz since I know him the longest and that would be some success story for his first BSFL season.

Telegram chat

We have our own telegram room on Sportsbet channel, visit us in BSFL/Fantasy section. This week dedicated chat session will be back to our usual time on Friday 5PM GMT. Come and join me for all things BSFL and a chance for free bet.

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