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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 12 Recap
Jan 22, 2024, 10:55:00 PM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 12 Recap

Round 12 Review:

This was generally close round when majority of teams managed to get respectable points which resulted in a lot of close games. That does not mean we did not have our outliers. Win of the weak this time goes to LTU_btc with monster 7 correct answers which was more than enough to secure the win. Not exactly expected numbers for the club locked in relegation battle but performances like this will get team LTU_btc out of it in no time.

Division 1
In addition to already mentioned LTU_btc win, Harkorede was another Div1 manager that performed really well with 6 correct answers. Does this sentence sound familiar to you? If so, you have a good memory, I opened Division 1 review from last week with very similar one. Just shows the good form Harkorede is enjoying currently. With this latest result he is now in striking distance of top positions.

This round was a bit of anomaly where top 3 teams in the league failed to get maximum points. Vd309, casperBGD and leea-1334 are still top of the table but their lead is now virtually nonexistent. Exactly what we needed for exciting season finish. Relegation battle is also very intense and team slaman29 & team darxiaomi look like they are losing the pace a bit, but still some time to turn it round.

Division 2
This was a great week for my team. It all started with Igebotz forfeiting the match due to logistical problems in the club and culminated with all top teams losing the points. Notblox1 is still probably out of the reach but chi20 and strongkored losing the points was just perfect  On the other end of the table bullrun2020bro is in a bad form and looks like prime candidate for relegation this season. Mid table is very compacted and most teams are just one win/loss away to gravitating either towards promotion or relegation battle. Should be cracking finish to this division as well

Division 3
Both third Divisions are already over and we have just one postponed game to take care off. Hhampuz and shogun47 will sort it out in Div 3B title match this week. That spot is extra important since it grants direct promotion to Division 2 next season.

In other words, imarios has already been promoted from Div 3A and Hhampuz vs. shogun47 will give us a directly promoted team from Div 3B. We also know all teams that will start playing promotion play offs from next week. From Div 3A playoff spots are reserved for entebah, ILuckyGuyI, LFC_Bitcoin and PedroCunhaYori while we have Jinetics1111, goodpunt, MAAManda and looser between Hhampuz/shogun47 to represent Div 3B.

Cup Semi Final Preview:

This is a cup week and this time we will have a full set of fixtures. We can’t have shortened format when games get this important. We have a usual mix of questions this week with 7 football questions and 2 tennis questions. We also added one Handball question to mix it up a bit and live to the fanatics’ name.

If you forgot this is what our semi – final pairs look like:

  1. Hhampuz vs Renato297
  2. Ulven vs Chi20

It is a bit of anomaly that we don’t have any Davison 1 teams left in the cup which just shows the strength of the whole league. Really glad to see Hhampuz, our newest member, getting this far and I will be rooting for him to lift the title. Too make it even more interesting there is betting available on these pairs. How often you can find your names in sports section of top bookie like

Friendly games:

Since most teams are free this week it was a perfect opportunity to organize some friendly games. To make it more interesting we even have Steve and Alex from joining us in this round. Really looking forward to see how they will do in their first encounter with BSFL.

  1. Sportsbet Alex vs buwaytress
  2. Sportsbet Steve vs Harkorede
  3. Slackovic vs Trofo

Telegram Chat

We have our own telegram room on Sportsbet channel, visit us in BSFL/Fantasy section. This week dedicated chat session will be in our usual slot on Friday at 5 PM GMT, come join me for all things BSFL and a chance for free bet.

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