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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 13 Recap
Feb 6, 2024, 10:00:00 PM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 13 Recap

Round 13 Review:

Seems like round 13 was a though one, nobody got more than 5 correct answers in this one. Knowing that, it hurts even more that famososMuertos and I got just one point in our 5:5 draw while that same result would have been enough for a win in every other Division 2 duel.

Division 1

There haven’t been any changes to the top of the division since all our leaders vd309, casperBGD and cls63 managed to win their games. That means vd309 kept his 3 point cushion at the top, which seems huge at this stage of the season considering we have 5 teams inside next 3 points behind him. There will be a lot of drama to come in last two rounds for sure.

Relegation battle has also stayed mostly the same, since only direct derby between cryptofrka and darxiaomi ended with 3:3 draw and all other relegation candidates lost their games against better placed opponents.

Division 2

Team notblox1 started to show a bit of decline in form and lost another game which melted his lead to just 3 points. I guess he thought the title secure a bit too soon. Now he will have to find a bit of form again and record at least one win in last two rounds to defend the attacks from chi20. Team that is rising form and flying high at the moment.

We have our first two teams relegated from Div 2 this season, Kanapka has been disqualified due to not submitting answers three times during season and bullrun2020bro does not have a mathematical chance to secure his place in Division 2 anymore. That leaves us with half of the league in fight to avoid last two relegation places. We have 4 teams on 16 points and 2 more on 17 points. Relegation battle will be brutal in Division 2 for sure.

Division 3

We had first round of promotion playoffs in Division 3 and I must say I was a bit surprised how all the games had clear winners. Expected much closer encounters.

entebah - MAAManda 1-3
ILuckyGuyI - goodpunt 2-5
LFC_Bitcoin - shogun47 3-5
PedroCunhaYori - Jinetics1111 3-6

During the season the feeling was that Div 3B is weaker than Div 3A due to lot of people dropping out of it, but Div 3B dominated this play off in impressive fashion. All four wins for Div 3B teams is something I am sure nobody expected. Well done guys!

Round 14 Preview

Division 1
This round we have a derby game between cls63 and Harkorede, teams occupying positions 3 & 4 in the league. This game, if there is a winner, will remove one of them from title race while it will push the other one right behind Div 1 leader. All the other games have a clear favorite on the paper but I am sure there will be some surprises and those surprises will be hugely important to the placement on the table. Anybody from the top that loses the game is virtually out of title race, except vd309 who has 3 points cushion, and anybody from bottom half of the table that manages a surprise will shoot right out of the relegation zone.

Division 2
We have duels between top teams and bottom teams in this round. Should be easy job for favorites on the paper but every point is important in relegation battle so I expect quite a few surprises. My job should be easiest since I am facing already relegated bullrun2020bro but maybe now that the pressure is off he comes back with monster score. You never know.

Hakan2217 is meeting Igebotz in important duel. Hakan2217 needs points to stay in the contention to attack the top while Igebotz needs to points to stay well clear of relegation zone.

Division 3
We are getting close to filling final promotion slot in Division 3. These are the games that will be played in this round:
MAAManda - goodpunt
shogun47 - Jinetics1111

My prediction is that we will see Jinetics1111 and goodpunt in the final but I am expecting close games and possible penalties before we know the winners.

Telegram chat

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