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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 13 Recap
Sep 26, 2023, 5:00:00 AM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 13 Recap

The time has come, BSFL Season 2 is all but over and we have our grand champion - cls63. His path wasn't easy, and it probably looked quite impossible in last round when he lost to buwaytress but he never stopped believing and it all paid off in this round. Buwaytress buckled under the pressure and lost his duel against mitchr4, that was enough for cls63 to take it. Big congratulations cls63, you deserved it with your performance this season. Jeremypwr also deserves a special mention for finishing in top 3 two seasons in a row, I have a feeling he is preparing to finally win it in Season 3.

Igebotz & arallmuus did not do well enough this season so they will be playing in Div 2 next season, while we will get 4 new players in Div 1. leea-1334 (Div 2 champion), mv1986 and slaman29 have already booked their place in Div 1 next season while the last place will be decided in playoff between Cryptofrka & notblox1. This match is highly anticipated and there has already been some reports of supporters making trouble and participants trash talking each other. All good natured of course and just as we want it in BSFL.

Div 2 champion has been known for some time and all the battle was for promotion and relegation places. LFC_Bitcoin & Woodie are getting relegated to Div 3 and we have already discussed promotion in previous paragraph. Saint- loup, Kanapka, chi20 & hakan2217 have secured promotion to Div 2 while we will have playoff duels for last two positions.

Bullrun2020bro will take on entebah and Ozymandias_DZ will play against vivekdkhyani. Stakes are extra high and we shall see which teams will adapt to it better. Questions in this round shouldn't prove problematic for our players since they are mostly football from top leagues with a bit of Dota, Tennis and Handball integrated to make it more interesting.

Cup Semi Final

In addition to promotion play off matches we also have cup semi-final matches played out at the same time. Since there was quite a pause since last round of the cup let me refresh your memory with remaining fixtures:
bullrun2020bro vs MAAManda
LFC_Bitcoin vs mv1986

For those of you that are reading extra carefully, you have already noticed, bullrun2020bro is playing both in cup semi-final and promotion playoff this week. Will he manage to win his duels or will his opponents pick up on the possible fatigue and use it to their advantage? In other match, cup specialist LFC_Bitcoin will try to forget about relegation and take the cup to save his season.

Not that it is anywhere close to the importance of already mentioned fixtures but I have been challenged to friendly match by slackovic so there will also be that game in our program. Too make it more interesting we are also making a side bet on it so maybe friendly isn’t exactly the right word for it 😊

BSFL chat on Clubtalk

We have our room on Clubtalk chat so come and hang in there. I will drop by daily to answer possible questions and check up on you guys. Chat will be held on Friday 3PM this week. One hour earlier than usual so make sure to be here on time. See you then for all the latest BSFL news as well as a chance for the free bet.

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