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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 8 Recap
Aug 16, 2023, 6:00:00 AM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 8 Recap

This was back to basics round with almost all football questions and just one tennis question added for good measure. While many people liked the change some of our managers lost a bit of steam which resulted with spilled points. I guessed they got used to researching fringe sports and felt like football will be easy 😊

Division 1
This was the round where buwaytress was held to 3:3 against slackovic, a small slip up readily used by jeremypwr and cls63 who closed the gap. That placed them all inside 2 points, just the season finish we all wanted to see. On the other end of the table, it seems arallmuus and LTU_btc are deep in relegation zone and they will need a miracle to catch up to the safe positions.

Division 2
Leea-1334 won 3:2 against strongkored and fortified his position on top of the league. He now has a comfortable 7 points lead on top of the table. LFC_Bitcoin managed to win 5:4 against me which was readily siezed by Cryptofrka and mv1986. Must admit I am relived I will not be facing LFC_Bitcoin anymore this season and I hope this win will be what LFC_Bitcoin needed to start his climb out of relegation positions.

Division 3
Saint-loup has started to lose a bit of steam in Div 3A and with another defeat, this time against bullrun2020bro, he lost his points cushion. Entebah used the oportunuty perfectly and is now joint top with 18 points.

Chi20 is the team in form in Div 3B and he recored 5:4 win against IluckyGuyI, this win puts him 5 points clear on top of the table. It is really close fight for other promtion spot between Ozymandias_DZ, vivekdkhyani, goodpunt and hakan2217. There will be some really interesting matches coming up in round 9, but first we have a cup break.

Cup Round 2 & 3 – Preview

With European football back and all major leagues starting we are spoilt for choice with football questions this time around. It was only natural to use the opportunity and play double round of cup in the upcoming slot. First 5 questions will be used to grade Round 2 and next 5 will be used for Round 3.

Round 2 draw

  • Match 17 : LFC_Bitcoin vs Navidart
  • Match 18 : cls63 vs slaman29
  • Match 19 : bullrun2020bro vs Renato297
  • Match 20 : buwaytress vs notblox1
  • Match 21 : mv1986 vs chi20
  • Match 22 : MAAManda vs Slissy
  • Match 23 : ulven vs vivekdkhyani
  • Match 24 : Danydee vs Igebotz

Buwaytress and cls63 are still doing well on both fronts and they will expect an easy passage to next round of cup. It will not be easy since there is no easy opponents in this stage of the competition but they will like their chances. I proclaimed LFC_Bitcoin a cup specialist so I am expecting him to do well again even though he raised his league form in the meantime which could mean shifting priorities.

Round 3 draw:

  • Match 25 : MAAManda/Slissy vs Danydee/Igebotz
  • Match 26 : ulven/vivekdkhyani vs bullrun2020bro/Renato297
  • Match 27 : LFC_Bitcoin/Navidart vs buwaytress/notblox1
  • Match 28 : mv1986/chi20 vs cls63/slaman29

Questions are already live on Bitcointalk so make sure you answer them before the deadline. Late submission in cup means forfeit, so stakes are even higher than usual.

BSFL chat on Clubtalk

We have our room on Clubtalk chat so come and hang in there. I will drop by daily to answer possible questions and check up on you guys. Exact time for chat this week will be announced in our dedicated channel soon so keep an eye out for it. See you then for all the latest BSFL news as well as a chance for the free bet.