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Jan 13, 2020, 3:25:00 AM

Boyata Expects Hertha to be Better

With Jurgen Klinsmann at the helm, Dedryck Boyata seems to be confident enough for Hertha to take its rightful place in the Bundesliga.

Boyata is hyped up with the brighter future of the team now in the more capable hands of Klinsmann. The former Manchester City prodigy believes that the team will have better chances this season with the changes that have been swooping the team so far.

He discussed with teammate Karim Rekik on how similar the changes were with Manchester City's transformation from Premier League stalwarts to champions.

'We spoke about it with Karim (Rekik), saying it feels similar to how it was at Manchester City', Boyata stated at the Old Lady's winter training camp in Florida. 'The changes at City took years, and there's a lot of new things involved in such a process'.

The team is still in competition, and they are aiming to rack up wins for the remainder of the season for an impressive finish. They could come up with a decent record if they are able to finish strong in the remainder of the season.

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Boyata was signed by the team back in May 2019. It was when the Scottish Celtic were the champions and that was the same time when Lars Windhorst began his investment.

'There are new players, new training facilities, perhaps a new coach, new staff and a new way of thinking and working', said Boyata. 'It was incredible how many teammates I saw come and go there, but when you see where the club is now, things were moving in the right direction'.

Manchester City took the same big steps in changing their team. That ended well for the team, and that saw them winning the Premier League title last season.

'If you're a Hertha fan and want the same as there was at Man City back then, you need to be ready for change', the 29-year-old claimed.

Hertha will face defending champion Bayern Munich when the Bundesliga action returns. Bayern is aiming to make a strong finish to the season in hopes of taking back the top spot from Leipzig.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA