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Manchester United Seeks to Acquire Fernandes
Jan 14, 2020, 6:19:00 AM

Manchester United Seeks to Acquire Fernandes

Manchester United is reportedly seeking to ink a deal with the Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes. He is currently under contract with Sporting Lisbon in the Primera Liga in Portugal.

Fernandes has already told his team that he is planning to make a move to the Old Trafford after the Premier League club Manchester United has opted to give him a £50 million offer for his services.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is still keen on getting Fernandes to the team after they missed him out on the summer. The United coach has watched Fernandes’ recent game as the 25-year-old played for Sporting in a tough home loss to Porto last week.

The midfielder has actively ignored the intense rumours of his transfer and kept his head in the game. He later came up with a strong game against Vitoria Setubal as he lifted his team to earn a 3-1 win at the weekend thanks to his double goals.

The buzzer is clearly slowly creeping up on Manchester United as the January transfer window is nearing its end on the 31st. Sporting club president Frederico Varandas has added more fuel to the fire regarding the transfer rumours after being spotted in the vicinity of England last Friday.

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The Portuguese club, however, wants United defender Marcos Rojo to be part of the deal in exchange of Fernandes’ services in Old Trafford.

The team is ready to give away Rojo should the deal push through. Rojo, a 29-year-old defender, became part of the team when he left from Sporting in 2014. He nearly left United for Everton in the recent summer, but he has started one Premier League game for the team this season.

The Portuguese club clearly wants to talk about the rumours of other United players leaving the team should Rojo opt not to remain in the Premier League team.

United nearly brought in Fernandes in the summer, but the team ruled out a move that could have brought the attacking midfielder to the squad.

Sporting head coach Silas had something to say after the team’s win last Friday.

‘I can't guarantee any of these things because I don't know. Bruno is a huge player and all players like him have a lot of markets. I don't like to think about it, but I'll be thinking of alternatives in case Bruno leaves. I hope it doesn't happen, but we have to start thinking that’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA