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Bruno Guimarães Was Ready to Retire Before Brazil Call-Up
Jul 1, 2020, 6:35:00 AM

Bruno Guimarães Was Ready to Retire Before Brazil Call-Up

Bruno Guimarães was ready to retire early in his career after being rejected by clubs. This all changed when he got the call-up to Athletico Paranaense.

As a young boy, Guimarães played futsal for Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro. He had a lot of stints with multiple clubs but he was not getting consistent roles. His parents thought that he would not make the transition into full-blown soccer because he was having difficulties playing futsal.

Guimarães’ father was the key to his success because he helped keep his son’s head up during the tough times. Guimarães said, ‘He used to be angry at some games, demanding a lot, because he knew my potential. It was good for me. He made jokes, but in a serious way. If we lost a game, I would eat a ham and cheese sandwich and get the juice. But, if we won, he would let me eat whatever I wanted. If we lost, I would talk to my mother later in the day and tell her that I was hungry’.

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The hard work and persistence paid off when he managed to secure a spot in Brazilian Série A club Athletico Paranaense. Guimarães also talked about the importance of the number 39 on their family. He chose it as the number on his kit which symbolized good luck within their family.

The good luck did pay off because Paranaense managed to win multiple titles. This includes victories at the Copa Sul-Americana and Copa do Brasil for the first time in the club’s history. He was then hailed as the best defensive midfielder in the entirety of the country.

This led to him garnering interest from international clubs, leading to his recruitment by Italian club, Lyon. He has detailed some goals that he scored and has asserted that he will not forget the obstacles that he faced.

Guimarães said, ‘I try not to forget where I came from. I know what I had to go through to be here, to live what I am living. Despite having lifted a few trophies and being young, I want to do it much more. I want to play in the Olympics, at the World Cup and in the Champions League many more times. I want to win, I want to participate’.

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At the moment, Guimarães and Lyon are still alive in the Champions League. They are saddened by the fact that they cannot retain their momentum with them due to the pandemic and the circumstances that it poses.

He has said that it was a bad feeling because of the form that he was in being halted by the suspensions of multiple leagues. He understands that everyone’s health is always the priority but he cannot help that his mind wanders during this time. He has said that he wants everyone to work together so they can continue to do what they love for a living.

Guimarães also said that the moment he was called up to the Brazilian national team was one of the best moments in his career. He said, ‘It was a defining moment, which I will never forget. After training, I saw the reaction of my family. I started to cry. It was a very emotional moment. Our dream finally came true. This is one of the greatest moments of a player’s career’.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA