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Can Ché Adams step up as Southampton's secondary star?
Jul 21, 2021, 3:21:00 AM

Can Ché Adams step up as Southampton's secondary star?

It is widely considered that Southampton striker Danny Ings is the Saints' biggest star. His auxiliary star has not stepped up just yet. Ché Adams is the best candidate to play that role with his set of skills that revolve around scoring and playmaking.

Ings has been the star goal scorer for the Saints over the past two seasons. He is an excellent player who can carry a team on his back. However, his biggest issue is his health and the way he misses games due to constant injuries. This was a problem that hampered him at Liverpool and it keeps following him.

With that, the Saints need someone who can step up in their time of need. Ché should be that secondary star but he hasn’t performed up to par just yet. He is only 25 years of age which is still young and he is fresh off his second-only season in the top tier of English football. 

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What can Ché bring to the table for the Saints?

While Ings is a pure striker, Ché is more of a well-rounded player. He can still play as a traditional forward to score all of the goals but that would be selling Ché short. He can play any position in the front line and he can adjust his playstyle to the roles he takes up. 

He is the perfect partner for Ings since they can play together and they mesh well. Ché will usually be the playmaker while Ings is the finisher. This worked out in their spells together as they have led this team to some good victories. However, Ché keeps teasing the system because he’s too inconsistent.

Coach Ralph Hasenhüttl is ready for Ché to step up. He once detailed that Ché will be the star of the team when Ings is out. He has stepped up well in some short spells but he still can’t match up to the strengths that Ings have shown over the years.

Ché brings so much to the table. He needs to realize that he can keep winning with this club as long as he plays his role and shows why he’s well-regarded as a top guy with the Saints.

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The focus is on Ché 

The 2021-22 season is big for the Saints because they have the potential to go higher on the league table but they have an equal chance to fall even further down the table and get relegated. This team will not let that happen with the likes of Ings, Theo Walcott, and many more. However, the spotlight should be on Ché because he needs to step up.

There will be pressure on his shoulders to serve as one of the club’s main options but that comes with the job. He was given the number 10 shirt for a reason because the club sees him as one of their stars. If he can perform at the highest level all the time, you can expect Ché to become one of the best players in the Premier League.

They were in the bottom half in the 2020-21 season but it looks like Ché will be the barometer of the Saints because if he plays well, the rest of the squad will play better too. Saints fans will hope that happens because he has shown some potential. Hopefully, it can continue for the rest of the offseason because the Saints are one of the EPL’s most exciting teams. 

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA