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Cannavaro Hopes to Coach in Premier League
Jul 14, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Cannavaro Hopes to Coach in Premier League

Fabio Cannavaro aims to get a coaching job in the Premier League as he praised the standards that it has shown over the other top-flight leagues in Europe. The former Italy defender also explains how Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola has influenced his coaching.

Cannavaro is currently managing the Guangzhou Evergrande in the Chinese Super League. He is keeping a great track in his time overseas but is still hoping to land a coaching job in the Premier League soon.

The 46-year-old led his Italy squad to their World Cup win in 2006, and he is known as one of the best players in their history. He earned much more respect from his colleagues when he opted to become a coach in the game.

He says that he is very open to a coaching role in the Premier League when he decides to let go of his post in China one day.

‘I hope so. I watch every game in the Premier League and I like the ambience and culture of football in England. I am in China to try to improve my system and idea within football’, said Cannavaro. ‘I am at one of the best Asian clubs and of course, in the future, I'd like to try one experience in Europe. I want to try the challenge of European football’.

Known for his amazing brilliance in leading his club, Cannavaro explained how coaches of the best Premier League clubs have influenced his coaching style that attributes to his success in the game.

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He has put in Klopp’s leadership with Liverpool, instilling discipline to his players in every single match while using Guardiola’s rule of aggressiveness to make sure that his team is willing to run the extra mile to win the game.

‘I like the Klopp mentality but at the same time, I like the Pep culture about football because always we need intensity with and without the ball’, said Cannavaro. ‘But you need to control the game and try to win. I have my system and I hope one day you will see’.

He is hoping to get the chance to play against those two great coaches in the Premier League when he finds a coaching job there.

The Chinese Super League also had to cancel its matches for a while during the pandemic. Things have taken a good turn for them now, and the league is set to make its return soon.

‘The situation in China is much better. I'm really upset for the European situation but not for the one in China’, Cannavaro said of the situation in China. ‘You just need to be careful and do the right thing and just move around only when you can't stay at home’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA